white sh!t covering everything

i was just standing outside my house on the back stairs smoking a joint, and the world decided to pull the snow out from under my feet. i saved my self with a textbook breakfall, smacking the top stair flatly with my forearm. unfortunately, i let go of the joint so i could fall properly. the joint is now soaked. i fucking hate snow. now i have to roll another.

maybe someone was trying to tell you something


resnick- aren't you glad we live in california?

Resting in the Sun and warmth with no dope, but great looking
pairs all over campus.


There are pairs of dopes all over campus?

i head SJ has no dope at all, just a buncha leftover computer geeks with no jobs who turned into judoka.

if the USADA didnt care-- id be one HIGH summabich...id rather be toking up on a join then poppin percoset, thats for sure..

USADA sucks man.. it just sucks.