White Sox vs Indians wtf!!!! Umps?

Jesus Christ!!!

First game and the umpires have completley blown a play at home costing us a run in the top of the 8th where Crede is out by apparently never being tagged or a force at home new rule i guess??? Another baserunning interference play was complete Bs as well such a fing joke.

Also in the 7th The first baseman was pulled off the bag but it was close but he came off and maybe before he got the ball.

But two horrible and completley blown calls this crew will get there ass handed to them after the game for sure.

WTF are they watching guess they decided to bet the game or just take opening day off.

Cost us the game thanks!

Go tribe!! Undefeated!!

 the interference call was a good call..the play at the plate was alot closer than you are making it out to be!!!