White Supremacist Violates Asian Street Dancer

A group of Asian dancers in New York City was filming a K-pop cover video in Times Square when an unidentified male was caught on camera sexually harassing one of its members.

An uninvited appearance : Yingqi, a member of 404 Dance Crew, was filming a dance cover of “Next Level” by aespa for the group’s YouTube channel on the evening of May 25.

  • In a video posted to Yingqi’s Instagram account, a male observer can be seen watching the girls from the sidelines before approaching them as they are filming.
  • He then seemingly thrusts his pelvis at the Chinese dancer, who was unaware of his presence as she moved backwards.
  • She shared that she was “horrified” following the incident.
  • Instagram account @whatisnewyork reposted the video with the caption “TikToking in Times Square #whatisnewyork
  • Yingqi can be seen stumbling as the man pushes into her from behind before walking away.

And if it was a white guy, we’d see the word “white” at least a dozen times in the article.


no way

In his defense he probably thought they were white girls because of the blonde hair.

that’s what you get for cultural appropriation of white culture

Whites aren’t allowed to have culture.

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We need to ban river dancing ASAP

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A white man eating a taco is the same thing as burning the Mexican flag.


It looks like the dude was just photobombing and dancing and the girl backed up into him. He leans back, I don’t know if it’s to avoid a head collision or a dance move or whatever. But it doesn’t look like he’s “thrusting his pelvis” into her.

Also, TikTok is fucking retarded.


Whites don’t even exist

Yeah, I was ready to be annoyed but it looked like he was getting involved in the dance uninvited (not really cool) but that he might not have intended to make contact with her (which is the much worse aspect if he’d done it on purpose). Just my 02 at a glance.

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At least he didn’t knock her out


If youre on tik tok you deserve everything thats coming to you.

So, your’re going to ignore what she said and simply make up your own facts?

#MyTruth = My Lies

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First viewing I thought, “Holy shit he just grabbed her!”

After seeing your post and looking at the video again I see you are right. It looks like she ran into him and he even tried to keep his hands away.

Nothing to see here…move along.

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I fault him for getting that close. I think it was rude to invite himself into their performance. I just don’t think he had perv motives and that he didn’t mean to make contact.

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If some Asians interrupted a rap video being filmed, they wouldn’t live to tell about it.



Attention whore is looking for attention IMO.

They’re doing some kind of random dancing in fucking Times Square, so they HAVE to expect some kind of interaction with the rest of the public there.

Dude was prolly drunk or high and was trying to be funny and insert himself into the dance routine.

Is there more video?

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If I’m cutting a rug in Time’s Square with my friends, we’d appreciate a little space. You’re welcome to come around the front and watch. Please don’t join in and/or approach from the rear.

Really don’t see how the dudes ethnicity makes a difference to the story… Dudes a dick, period.