White Teacher Claims Asking Children To Behave Is White Supremacy

i feel bad for the normal, non woke parents/kids forced to attend Public school systems in progressive and diverse cities

ive dealt with the products of NYC public school systems since I was a child. NYC public school kids always had a rep for being general dumbasses during the 80s and 90s. that stereotype increased 3 fold over the last 15 to 20 years or so
we hire college/post college aged kids for part time/internships, etc. and going through the resumes of hundreds of local college kids in the NYC area is painful

they do not have the most basic foundation of English/Grammar. nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but these college kids, who supposedly “Graduated” high school, regularly make glaring errors on one of the most important written documents in their lives (resume).

if you were to take 10 random NYC public school 6th graders right now and quiz them on 4th grade level English and Math, at least 7 of them would fail miserably

We are the only species on the planet that is letting the dumbest of the herd call the shots. Just saying.


Forcing black kids to go to school is White supremacy!!!

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think about it

the loudest most attn whoring commie progressive lefty SJW woke types are generally “loers”, actual “losers” or grew up as losers during their youth
and now the losers have a voice via social media, social engineering millions of sympathetic loser minds, etc…

in different times weak ass loser inferior genetic “guys”, like the teacher in the OP, would be the first to be captured and enslaved (only fighting men get killed) by the enemy

these weak ass loser inferior genetic “guys” and their female counterparts, unfortunately, make up a significant part of mainstream media and life


Social media is to blame for most of societies issues, not even exaggerating.

Without it, we’d see these dweebs once in a while in society and think “man they’re weird” then go about with our day while they go to their parent’s house and live in the basement.

Because they all unite online from all other the places, it seems like there are so many of them.

Turn off social media, a lot of problems go away.

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Commie, brain dead Maoist like these people need culled and quickly. We must stop letting them have access to children. AT ALL COST.

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Many already are. I’ll let you figure out which cities may include schools that are like this.

The bigotry of low expectations.

Holy Fuck! Where do these gay white Male Karens like EazyG come from? I find this idiot to be a huge racist thinking Black, Brown, Yellow or what ever color can not “Be quite” or “Pay attentiion” without acting like clowns…I guess this White Karen thinks the minorites should be in clown school to not be “White!”

Dudes like this idiot need to be slaped by my boy Tyrell!

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So white culture is bad according to him. Ok what culture does he want to emulate exactly? Black culture or Asian culture? Something else? I’m confused as to what the goal of these weirdos even is . They want to change everything up but they never specify what their goal is

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made his account private too. I went to read the comments…lol


I don’t think those animals are real. Looks like one of the speculative-zoology bits done with CGI.

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Somebody bitch slap this moron please.

And BTW, moron is perfectly open-gender. It should be a pronoun.

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Put him in an urban classroom with 16-18 year olds and see how long he lasts


Sad how ignorant and brainwashed the people we let teach our kids are and no one seems to care.

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Being told to sit still and pay attention is white cultured?? See what happens when you act out in class in China or Japan.

Is he qualified to teach 3rd grade?