White Tiger Promotions

Congrats to my Guys who were promoted Last night by Prof. Soares. Chris Chilton Two stripe white, Lachlan 3 stripe white, Aaron Blue belt, Dan "Danimal" Ross Blue belt, Kerry "Dirty Judo" Panchoo 2 stripe Blue, Dave King 2 stripe purple. Congrats also to Tim from Borelands who received a well deserved purple belt.
Way to go boys.



It's about time!

I am so proud of you. I know it sounds dumb but you have worked so hard to get that damn belt.


thanks Dougie! Now I'm ready to take on Mike Tyson in a street fight!

Thanks to Mark and Dave for being amazing instructors and coaches, and congrats to everyone.

and congrats also to Mark who neglected to mention getting two stripes on his brown.

Boog, you're still g-hey!

Just because my new belt is a light baby blue, doesn't make me g-hey, Dougie.

Marcus tied my belt too tight and i can't figure out how to get it off so i'm still wearing the gi. I'm starting to get light headed.

Nice. Congrats!!!

Sweet, I know another blue belt. I've never felt so safe.......

Congrats Boog

Congrats guys, that's fantastic!


congrats guys! any promotion by Marcus is a huge accomplishment.

What about Brandon?

Congrats to all the Soares team members, well deserved guys.



Congrats to your guys Mark.


hahaha .... gi .... you fools .... wait, i hope marcus doesn't read this ....
ummm .... (flees)

Congrats guys !

Great to hear Tim getting his Purple , Congrats old man LOL.


Congratulations all!

congrats guys!