White woman set on fire by blacks in Philly

Lol at the FBI investigating black on white crime…


I dont know the girl, and Ill still gladly do it. No problem at all, and Ill sleep great that night. Fucking demon beasts that need to be punished and destroyed.


This isnt isolated to Cracker Barrel, and not the first time Ive heard that code word used to describe them in restraunts. Been hearing it for over a decade that I remember… But hey, someone just decided to wake up one morning and assigned everybody a different stereotype that seems uncannily accurate huh?

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Nope, Southern Canadians refers to …wait for it…Mexicans.

Beatiful champ. I applaud you sir.

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I was watching episode 4 last night and thinking, THIS is whos hunting Obi wan??? Really?


Wasn’t that FAGGOT @Believeit talking some shit about white people not worrying b/c black criminals pretty much only commit crime against black people?

Yes, he projects his racism and disregard of the black victims of black criminals onto others.

If blacks had more access to firewood, this would not have happened.





I heard it was fire

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Religion of peace …

How do you stop a canoe from tipping?

Paint it black.

As for me, as long as some will tolerate, and the latter will not be punished and generally work with it, then there can be no equality.

That’s not what the “FAGGOT” said, the “FAGGOT” accurately said that Black criminals commit 91 percent of their crimes against other Black people. Though Blacks of certain age group do commit a disproportionate amount of crimes against all races, in comparison to other races, and in comparison to their population. It’s inexcusable, it’s despicable and intolerable.

My solution is: public torcher followed by the death penalty.

“First post” in a thread about blacks and a white woman…

Vulnerability Fixes That Make You Go Hmm… – Risk Based Security

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Why not? I sometimes want to talk about it, but it’s hard nowdays(

^^^ I’m assuming that’s the footage of the incident? I don’t normally shy away from that kinda shit but fuck that. A few seconds was enough.

These animals that do this are pure, unabashed psychopaths. I bet even the worst serial killers don’t laugh at their victims as loud and proud as the average mob of black criminals. Does growing up without a dad really remove any remorse or sympathy for your fellow humans that bad? There’s something else going on in their psyche and it’s not just a handful of them.

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