“Whiteness” a “Malignant, Parasitic-like Condition”

Degenerate disrespectful uneducated animal.

When these racist pieces of shit die off we will all be better off as a country.

I hope that is soon.

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I would 100% buy that

So you two can sell shit to your family members? Weird, but ok…

Are you guys saying you know better than University Professors and doctors!?!

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My older sister used to be me with an extension cord. It hurts like hell.

Well then ya shouldnt have been talking bad about white folks! Lol

Sorry to hear that man. Hope you’ve not had any long lasting issues from it.

EFM actually has some quality posts on other subjects besides politics.


Don’t get me started on my dad. That shit is learned behavior.

Nah - take me off. I believe racism exists, I don’t believe “Whiteness is a parasitic, malignant condition.” This is an extreme view that goes too far and the guy is an idiot.

Let’s not go to far with the whole @EFM makes quality posts. It’s sort of a community project we keep his self-esteem as low as possible. You do NOT want to see EFM when he gets a swelled head or thinks for a second he is actually ever correct about anything. It’s a fucking mess. The last time the police had to use several horse tranquilizers to get him out of the tree, after he had been up there for days, yelling “I’m number one, I’m number one” just because someone liked one of his posts.


going around stick figure GIF

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He should start doing something about whiteness by killing himself


Can we just segregate already? All of the BLM blacks and crying liberal pussies in one area, all of the America loving whites/blacks on the other side. It really isn’t that hard.


This genuinely echos pre-Nazi Germany…


Yes. It does. That’s why I am continually baffled at how so many Jewish people can possibly align themselves with the left. These are frightening times and as a whole, we are an uneducated populace who have forgotten history.


You can’t forget something you’ve never known. These people were often raised in bad homes with single parents and brought up in schools that reinforced their oppressed status. This is being done intentionally. The brainwashing is so strong at this point that you could slowly explain all of the similarities and parallels to the past and they would look at you after and call you a white supremacist.

It always turns out well when people begin pushing that certain racial groups have inherent irredeemable evil characteristics.

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Wait, what?? Is the Jewish divorce rate that high? I’d always known them to have tight families.

You’re not wrong Kirk Jr…

Yes, but Reform Jewish people overwhelmingly vote Democrat and lean heavily Liberal. Look up what happens every electoral cycle in Broward County, FL. If the Jewish people voted Conservative, this place would be deep red. It isn’t. I live in a Democrat +22 District heavily populated by Reform Jews. I am a Refirn Jew, but don’t understand the Liberal ideology that consistently births hatred and leads to organized governmental systems of socialism, communism, and dangerous autocratic leadership.