Whither Mike Whitehead?

Anyone here know what Mike Whitehead is up to these days?

He used to have an account on MySpace, but he deleted it because some crazy chick was stalking him - or at least that's what I heard.

 Hi crazy stalker chic.

 lol.. no fucking kidding.. stalker chic

Anthony, Rashad already has a restraining order against you. Do you really want Mike to have to file one too?

Epic backfire in progress.

he popped.

Stalker chicks got a fat fetish???

thread fail...ACHIEVED

Everyone knows Anthony is a creepy fighter hanger on. Just ask him how great Rashad's party was....

I don't think I've seen a thread by Anthony that didn't backfire.

My money is on him being King Mo's first opponent in Strikeforce.....

 if you are gonna stalk someone........... at least aim a little higher

Que Anthonys infamous Rashad thread