who all can hit harder than tarver

????????? lol



with out a doubt i can,but my modesty prevents me from actually having to prove it.

Not me, that's for sure.

Great shot.

it is a beautiful thing this thread

"most decent heavyweights :)"

There are no decent Heavyweights!

a 6 isnt bad,thought it was more of a 7.5 myself!

That Sam pai kenpo guy can.


Tyson and Sam Pai Kempo are the only 2 i can think of.

LOL dammit warrenoliver i was gonna post this after i suggested it on your other thread!!!!



Gary Hughes would kill Tarver or RJJ. There is no power punching comparison...

I will bet a t-shirt from my club against a t-shirt from anyone else's club that Sam Pie can hit harder than Tarver!

Any takers?