who am I? game!

it's simple guess who the fighter is Im describing and if you get it correct then it's your turn. ready!

1.I made my mma debut in the ufc.
2.I fought a former ufc champion
3.Before fighting I was known for my bjj
4.Im a black belt in bjj
5.I lost my last fight in the ufc.

who am I?

bj penn

nvm. duh

mourner you got it! your turn.

nah its remco

oh haha right on k hmm

0-7 amature record , 0-1 pro record. banned, hosts anradio mma show

FRANK MIR....read his lips in the Octagon after the TANK ABBOTT submission...."
who am I ?"

Vitor Belfort

'0-7 amature record , 0-1 pro record. banned, hosts anradio mma show'


Jon McCaffrey btw, lol.

haha good job Geese
ur turn

ok gimme one sec...hmmm...

-In my career, I have competed in the UFC, K1, and Pride, as well as a couple other smaller organizations.

-I have fought more than 1 recognized UFC legend.

-With a background in jiujitsu, the majority of my mma wins have come via submission.

-I fought in a match that was billed as a territorial war.

Who am I?


i dunno this one

Shannon ritch


Nope sorry useless lol.


Frank shamrock

he just fought cesra gracie both from NoR cal