Who am I?

"Hey fellas! I'm fat but I still get the ladies! Like to hear about it? Well here it goes, whether you like it or not! Bask in my glory!

I will bicker relentlessly over bullshit intentionally trying to annoy people, then when people get tired of it and insult me I will go full victim mode and cry BULLY-RAPE! Oh no! Someone wrap me in a blanket and give me coffee!

Why must I be persecuted! Is it because I am so smart, or because I am such a player? Perhaps both? All I know is that I never lie. EVER! Nobody has any proof that I am a liar. Anyone who calls me a liar is a LIAR!

That's all for now, Toodles!"

Petey? Is that you? Phone Post 3.0

"Petey? Is that you?"

Your guess is as good as mine!

"Who am I"

Great Jackie Chan movie.


"Do you get the gist of me? Or am I an enigma?"

Are you weird al? Phone Post 3.0

"Are you weird al?"

I am neither Weird Al nor Emo Phillips.

I am the walrus.

I'm assuming you're attempting to parody originalTUFer

I am not amused Phone Post 3.0

Well this is awkward Phone Post 3.0

"You're talking about me!

Haha, I'll gladly take a small dose of the rage you need to displace after all of the times THN ran a one man train on you. You couldn't topple him, so you went after me.

Hope you felt better after making this thread ;)"

Why do you always think things are about you? So self-centered.

Here's another clue! I am not an old man with a black eye.


Here we go Perry! Here we go!

Another clue:

I am not overly sensitive and often-abused in real life. I do not use the internet to simulate significance that I lack in real life.

Wait wait wait

Are the PWS quote threads coming back!? Phone Post 3.0

Unnecessary thread is unnecessary. Phone Post 3.0

"Wait wait wait

Are the PWS quote threads coming back!?"

"This is a story all about how...

My life was flipped, turned upside down..."

"Unnecessary thread is unnecessary."

My bullshit threads are the backbone of this scoliotic forum.

Gary Sinise? Phone Post 3.0

"Gary Sinise?"

Close, but not quite. You're in the ballpark though.