** Who are the BEST managers in MMA? **

 I'm looking for a manager for a couple of my fighters.  I got two guys that I've been spending a lot of time working with, have invested thousands of dollars on in training, living acommodations, etc., and they ready to make their debuts.

I want their careers to be managed in the best possible fashion.

I understand that the "best" managers make a lot more money collecting a percentage of a big purse versus the percentage of a $500/$500 MMA debut purse - so I'm willing to pay out of my pocket whatever the difference would be to compensate a world class manager for their time.

I work hard, have a few pennies to rub together, and coaching fighters is a hobby at this point - I'm not looking to make a return on this, I just want these guys to become UFC champions.

I wouldn't be spending money on these two guys if I thought they didn't have a very serious potential - whichever manager that takes them on, not only will you make some money for your time, but you will have two future super stars on your hands.

If anyone can recommend me some managers with contact info, I'd greatly appreciate it.  If a manager is reading this and is interested, please email me at info@FFAgyms.com with "ATTN: MARCOS AVELLAN" in the subject line and I'll get the message.  Please include a phone number as well.

If you are reading this and want to help, please bump this up with a TTT.  This will not only help me out - but it will help out a couple of kids that eat, sleep, and live MMA every day.

EASY: the ones that can keep thier players off of the STEROIDS!!!

bhealthy, isn't that more the job of the coach or trainer?  Regardless, none of my boys do any form of drugs.


Brian Butler of suckerpunch entertainment is an outstanding manager, ttt Phone Post

Monte Cox.

JEllison - Monte Cox.

Phyllis Lee

Nice thread. Hope you get some great leads. Good luck.

Thanks for the posts guys!  JEllison and Phil, I've heard a lot of good things about Monte, could either of you please message me his contact info?  I've had no luck finding his contact info on the web.  If you could send it to info@ffagyms.com I'd appreciate it, thanks


 Mike Constantino does an excellent job managing fighters

Frederico Lapenda

Monte Cox.


 Honestly you're looking at things all wrong.

A manger isn't something you can just seek out the best.

You need the best for each individual, and that might be a different manager for different fighters.

There is not a one size fits all to this sort of thing, and you're going to have trouble if you treat it as such.

 Shogun's manager.

 Also, guys making thier debut aren't typically ready for managers.

Have a few local pro fights, see how they feel, go from there.

Not sure how many big time managers are going to work with guys who haven't even debued yet.

Jimmy hart u gotta but the bullhorn and airbrush set first though.. Phone Post


I have to agree with 12Six... I am looking for managers as well because I would like to start my career the right way. Only problem is, is they won't take you on till you have a number of pro fights. That is just from my experience.


The "best" managers are the ones that have the best relationships and your best interest in mind.


Never pay a manager. If they are not excited about your guys then they do not deserve to be working with them.

Too many managers/agents have a "sign everyone and see who makes it" approach. This mindset does a disservice to the athletes on their roster. Simply put, how can anyone really push more than 15-20 guys. You cannot, they get lost in the mix and that hurts them.

I would talk to at least 3 agents/mangers before seeing where the best fit it. At this stage in their career you need to forge a partnership with a agency/management company that "gets it" and is willing to spend 2 years building the guys..not just looking for a paycheck.

Here are some guys to check out:

- Malki at 1st Round
- Monte Cox
- Brian Hamper
- Glenn Robinson
- Ron Foster


To be honest, at this stage they should just be training and putting it all together. The promotional aspect will come with wins and recognition. You don't need a manager unless you're in the UFC, Bellator or Strikeforce Phone Post