Who are the guys no one wants to fight?

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If you are on a roll to ufc stardom.... yo dont want a guy like Chris Lytle.....

A guy like GSP is a good fight because if you get past him you are either the main contender or the title holder.

Rafael Feijao was the first name that came to mind when I read this post.

Kevin Burns -- I'd like to not have stitches directly on my eyeball.

Jon Fitch?
Bj Penn?

Anderson Silva.

Matt Lindland. It's a question of proper hygiene.

 TBA no one wants to fight him. I think that's why he keeps getting pulled from cards

Truemanc3 - Mayhem.



I think it depends on how the strengths match up.

Any fighter that lurks and hovers in the shadows of the belt. Not necessarily the obvious contenders.

+1 with Randleman and Fujita...also Bob Sapp. Who the fuck would WANT to fight these beasts, regardless of win/lose, you're coming out of that fight hurt lol

I gotta think Lesnar is a pretty high risk, low reward type of guy right now.

But I don't think many are running from him either.

Low reward? It earned Mir a title shot....I think NOW is the time that Lesnar is at the lowest risk/highest reward, early in his career.

I'd 2nd Kevin Burns...and not just because of the eye pokes, but because Rumble Johnson had looked amazing in his previous performances then a relatively unknown Burns made him look at least human.

I'd think guys like Brandon Lee Hinkle, Van Arsdale, are high risk/low reward. Tom Erikson!!

45cal - No one is afraid to fight Machida. They just don't want to be in a boring fight.

you kiddin me? how many guys have turned down fights with him?

People don't want to fight him because he makes opponents look ridiculous when they cant do anything to him.. who wants to lose a decision to a guy you didnt even hit? bad look.

agreed Lindland

Randleman for sure. He has a so-so record so you gain almost nothing for beating the guy...yet you never know when he'll have a crazy night where he seems like world champion. With the right gameplans and training partners Kevin *should* be a champ.

sokudju has the power to put you away.

Seems like no one wants to fight Machida nowadays. Can't really think of many others.

Chris Lytle personifies this type of fighter.

Nearly impossible to stop and with all the tools to win, he just hovers at the upper levels, picking off the unworthy and grudgingly losing to the best.

Chris Lytle, rashad Evans, Jon Fitch, Machida.

Surprisingly, most people want to fight Anderson, even the guys he demolishes. Apparently everyone thinks they have the key to beating him...

No one wants to fight Gray Maynard. Several people turned down the fight until Rich Clementi stepped up and took it.

I agree with Randleman and I dont know if it is true anymore but no one ever wanted to fight Tom Erikson