Who are the leading experts that support CTs?

I'm not talking about Alex Jones or Jesse.....

Are there any experts in their field that believe that 9/11 or the moon landings were CT? Phone Post 3.0

No one?

No one from any leading university?

No demolition experts? Phone Post 3.0

Got VD twice for asking this question!!!!

The truth will come out!

You CTs can't stop it!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Cant really say, I just hope whoever they are they examine each essue separately and come to their own informed conclusions which may or may not jibe with official recorded versions. Is it so hard to believe people sometimes lie to get or keep what they want. Has anyone ever lied to you?

This is a question of credibility.

How do you bring credibility to a theory?

Experts support it.

I just want to know what experts have come out in support of CTs? Phone Post 3.0

Redneck, evilYoshida, attack tactic and all the ey.com allstars. 

I just want to know what experts have come out in support of CTs?

Experts in what? There have been many instances of folks in power lying to their people/subjects, here's one. WMD's in Iraq, did not plenty of "experts," support that claim?

LOL at ey.com allstars.

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Psychologists? Phone Post 3.0

Where is the evidence?

Glad to see the rest of the university agreed with him and sent him home..... Phone Post 3.0

TryhardNobody -
TryhardNobody -


Psychologists? Phone Post 3.0

not all psychologists. If you watch it they have a bunch of scientists too

A bunch of them you say?

There must 100,000s of experts in the world.

We have a few examples.

One of them has been put on paid leave with no one in the university supporting his claims. Phone Post 3.0

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I watched and was not impressed. Phone Post 3.0

Being put on paid leave says that you effect the credibility of the university.

The university thinks he is a loon. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck 9/11. Ever since then people make fun of Connecticut residents. Phone Post

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Fuck 9/11. Ever since then people make fun of Connecticut residents. Phone Post

I also read "Connecticut" first when I see a "CT" thread. 

"Hey, we've got lots of experts here supporting us!"

I go and do a little research into what her field of expertise was..... Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0

WALES1 - No one from any leading university?

Apparently, tons of professors from Stanford...

arnanderson - Wales asks for experts who support CTs.

Someone obliges.

Wales: "yeah, but..."

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No, he gave one that had been sent home on paid leave and the other didn't even work in the field with any link to 9/11.

And all the experts he put forward didn't give any evidence.

They all cite a lack of investigation by the FBI. Phone Post 3.0

A couple years ago, journalist Leslie Kean wrote her book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government officials to which many in mainstream academia reviewed very favorably.

"At last, a serious and thoughtful book about this controversial subject. Skeptics and true believers will find a treasure trove of insightful and eye opening information. This book is bound to set the gold standard for UFO research."
—Michio Kaku, Ph.D. Author of Physics of the Impossible and host of Sci Fi Science on the Science Channel

“I was astonished by the care and precision of Leslie Kean’s research in this terrific book. Her analysis is carefully reasoned and to the point; her craftsmanship in organization and writing are superb. Her expose' raises important questions: Why does the US government create public distrust by neglecting this important topic? Why do its agencies avoid investigating cases of interference with flight operations and instead issue absurd cover-up stories? This book is ultimately an appeal to all scholars for an "extraordinary investigation of an extraordinary phenomenon.”
—Rudy Schild, Ph.D., Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

“Like me, Leslie Kean is an agnostic on the issue of UFOs. Her book is a fine piece of journalism - not about beliefs, but about facts. Kean presents the most accurate, most credible reports on UFO's you will ever find. She has fought long and hard to discover the facts and let the chips fall where they may. She may not have the final smoking gun, but I smell the gunpowder.”
—Miles O'Brien, former CNN space/science correspondent

“I find explanations offered by UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists to be implausible, but I also have little patience with "deniers" who ridicule credible reports. Leslie Kean has found a thoughtful path between extreme views, documenting the UFO mystery with intelligence and insight. She makes a strong case for U.S. participation in official, international UFO investigations and for public dissemination of the results. The fascinating first-hand accounts make this a thought-provoking book, even for those of us who don’t know much about UFOs.”
—Neal Lane, Ph.D., Rice University; former Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

“If you don't know much about UFOs, you must read this book. If you think that UFO reports are nonsense, this book will disabuse you of that notion. Leslie Kean's UFOs informs readers at every level of knowledge and belief. It could, and should, become the "tipping point" that leads to public acceptance of the reality of UFOs and all of its implications.”
—Don Donderi, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, McGill University (Ret.)

“In an area of study where there aren’t many, this is a serious book. It is credible, clear, and compelling, without any farfetched jumps in logic and assumption. Its credibility begins on the first page with John Podesta and continues with case studies of extraordinary quality to the very end. Leslie Kean not only makes the case for, but calls for, a whole new concrete and realistic perspective on UFOs that has more honesty and integrity than any other that I have read. This is a book for anyone with an open mind.”
—John L. Petersen, Founder & President of The Arlington Institute

“In these pages we are confronted head-on by the UFO phenomenon as revealed firsthand by highly credible government officials and military aviation experts. Their credibility and integrity cannot be questioned, and their firsthand observations cannot be ignored. Leslie Kean provides a challenging analysis and she writes with penetrating depth and insight. The revelations in this book constitute a watershed event in lifting the taboo against rational discourse about this controversial subject.”
—Harold E. Puthoff, Ph.D., Director of The Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

“When I started reading Leslie Kean’s UFOs, I found it very difficult to stop. This is an unprecedented assessment of what may be the greatest challenge ever presented to mankind. In an outstanding piece of investigative journalism, Kean provides a well-written and convincing appeal for change in dealing with a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored.”
—Jean-Claude Ribes, Ph.D., Paris Observatory (Ret.)

“For anyone who questions why - after more than fifty years of denial, ridicule, and dismissal - many scientists, academics, political figures, and military personnel still insist that the subject of UFOs should be taken seriously, this book provides the answer. Leslie Kean offers compelling documentation that physical objects, with flight characteristics not yet achievable by known technology, are being routinely reported in our skies. They represent a mystery that needs to be solved.”
—Stuart Appelle, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics, State University of New York, Brockport

"Leslie Kean’s astonishing book is the finest piece of investigative journalism ever written on this subject. She has an incomparable ability to ‘give voice’ to a constituency of exceptionally qualified and unbiased first-hand observers. They are not from the fringe, not groupies, and not delusional. Rather, they are high-level military, intelligence, aerospace, and government officials who speak with authority while providing reports that document actual, physical craft. Kean’s book represents the first important step toward a new U.S. government openness about UFOs. It brings forward a reality otherwise buried for far too long inside official mystery, and elevates the discourse above that of small-minded public discussions."
—Christopher C. Green, MD, Ph.D., Harper University Hospital, Wayne State University School of Medicine


There are also guys like:

Dr. John Brandenburg - John Brandenburg, PhD is a plasma physicist. He did his graduate work in California at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in controlled plasmas for fusion power, and has worked in defense, energy, and space research. Dr. Brandenburg was also part of the Clementine Mission to the Moon which discovered water at the Moon's poles. However, the focus of Brandenburg's scientific career has been to complete the great effort of Einstein to unify the two long range forces of nature, gravity and electromagnetism.

He freely admits the believes that UFO's are a reality and is open to the fact we could have reversed engineered some of the hardware.

Dr. John Mack - John Edward Mack M.D. (October 4, 1929 – September 27, 2004) was an American psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien abduction experiences.

He was very impressed with the alien abduction witnesses that he studied before his untimely death.

Joseph P. Farrell - A student of Timothy Ware, Farrell became a professor of Patristics at Saint Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary.[citation needed] He also holds an M.A. from Oral Roberts University, a B.A. from John Brown University and is a doctoral graduate (D.Phil.) of Pembroke College, Oxford University with specialty in Patristics awarded in 1987.[3]

Farrell is into alternative history, advanced civilizations and the likelihood humanity is a byproduct of a previous alien race. Ala, ancient astronauts.

WALES1 - I'm not talking about Alex Jones or Jesse.....

Are there any experts in their field that believe that 9/11 or the moon landings were CT? Phone Post 3.0





She is considered one of the most influential cell biologists of the modern era.