Who are the MODS here???

Just curious. I think Kirik is the "owner" of the site right? Anyway, I have seen a few people coplain about being censored by this mod or that mod.

Allow yourselves to introduce....uh....yourselves.

I am a reporter.... I think that there are about 300 different ones but I coud be wrong.

most mods are only mods at certain subforums. for example, i am a mod on the philosophy forum, but not on the UG. there are some mods that are "floaters" and can delete posts on all the forums.

i highly doubt there are 300 different mods. MAYBE 100, but even that is pushing it

trust me there are a lot on mods.....things I know.


I'm a site admin. Also means I'm a mod across all forums.

I am also a moderator across all forums but I don't believe I'm a site admin.

I'm also Prime Minister of the Canada forum and C.E.O of the Svenska Forumet and Viking forum.

On odd days I rule the islenska korkinn forum with an iron fist while on even days I am pretty much a pussy cat.

I like pina colada's and getting caught in the rain.

I'm no much into health food, but I am into champagne.

That pretty much sums it up.


Anbody on the islenska korkinn forum....

It's an odd day...Watch your step.

So how come diff people have diff color names? I'm blue, is that because I am a pro member? A few of you guys that just claimed to be mods are red, so that's an easy one to figure out. But what about DyingBreed in green, why is he green? And if I'm not mistaken, people who work in the industry show up in grey like Josh Balis right? That would include reporters, promoters, etc right?

The reason I ask is because I first got onto this site around the time Tito was gonna fight Ken a couple of yrs ago. Then I dropped off and just came back a few weeks ago. I'm a much bigger fan of the sport now than I was then. I've been spending a lot of time here lately and I plan to keep spending time here. Maybe a little less time since sometimes I'm on here 2 or 3 hrs a day.

But anyway, I was curious of who the mods were, what the diff colors are, etc. Thanks.

black - registered member

blue - pro member

red - moderator

green - profighter

grey - press/promoter/business

Black - Mudnamers/normal members

Blue - Pro Members

Green - Pro Fighters

Red - Mod

Grey - Promoters etc.


Hi..i'm Nelson...i'm a sagittarius..i like long walks on the beach, working out and my favorite food is sushi...

Actually..i think you're serious so:

Nelson Rodriguez, 37, been involved in Martial Arts about 19 years. Started working on MMA about 3 years ago...

How does one GET to be a mod?

maybe I will get another color just to mess with all of you.....


"mod since 1999"

lol, so proud.

I'm not a mod but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last nite.

Off-topic: Chris, good job on the NAGA Hawaii article!

we have mods here???wtf?


I believe I would be one of the few dozen.

checkin in...


Hello boys!

Annabelle is cute!!! I would put her under the "boinkable" column.

yes. anyone who is multiple things can choose their posting color.

if you a pro member, pro fighter, and mod you can choose to postin blue green or red

TheRealJoker used to be a mod

Sadly...he is no longer a mod...because he was the
best mod ever :(