Who are the P4P most powerful strikers today?.....

Who hits the hardest? Plain and simple.

Hendo earns a spot based on the shit wrecking capability of his right hand.

Technique is of no consequence. A. Silva doesn't make the list for his perfectly placed front kick, but rather for generating enough power while back pedaling to put Forest to sleep.

Size doesn't mean much as Jose Aldo would be featured near the top.

Who else belongs? Phone Post

Hendo throws CRAZY bombs. He has no fear of breaking his hands it seems, he just throws punches with the intent to kill and doesn't care. It's very impressive to watch when he starts throwing flurries.

Wouldn't want to get hit by one of his crazy right hand haymakers. Those are life changers.

Rampage, Semtex, Carwin etc.

Kid yamamoto, aldo, guillard Phone Post

Jorgenson, Aldo, Gillard, Daley, Lawler, Henderson, Carwin Phone Post

I seem to remember Ryan Bader telling a story where a fighter dropped out of a bout with Cain early in his career after listening to him hitting some pads. Phone Post

Jeremy Stevens. Dude hits like a Mack truck Phone Post

Can't forget Houston Alexander. If he connects, ppl go to sleep. Phone Post

Melvin Guillard, Paul Daley, Dan Henderson, Rampage Jackson, Shane Carwin, Junior Dos Santos (it's easy to overlook his power due to his last two fights, but his record as a whole indicates plenty of KO power)

Leben!!! Phone Post

Jake Ellenberger has solid power Phone Post