Who are the redcoats in the cage?

Who are those guys that walk into the cage and stand there when the announcer is talking in the UFC? Those dudes in the redcoats and Ties that stare at the fighters while they stand there like child molesters.

reps for the athletic commission

They stare at the fighters as if they were a topless woman... kinda creepy.

What's more creepy, is that I beilieve they basically don't take their eyes off them from the time the start getting ready in the dressing room.

isn't one of them the same damn guy from the early ufc's? that creepy dude that had the same exact jacket, wore no shirt, and had gold chains and shit? i'm sure it is...he was like a manager or corner man or something.


I think their purpose is to make sure everything is on the 'up and up'. Making sure that fighters don't put lead into their gloves or do other things.

Then its a good thing they stare the whole time...