Who are your favourite characters & why?

Name them....

Superman ( Fights for the people who cant fight for themselves , oh and fights for the Amercian Way )
Captain America ( Crushes Nazi's annnnd Fights for the American Way )
Green Arrow ( Cool vigilante )
Batman ( See above )
Power Girl ( Do I really need to explain why ? )

Hawkman, you don't fuck with a guy who uses a mace.

Deadpool, greatest character ever written! I love that psychopath! He says all the shit you wish Spiderman would say, plus he's one of the baddest fighters in the Marvel universe... but he's too crazy to always know it. And I like how he knows he's in a comic book (remember when his thought bubbles broke?). Pete Wisdom is quickly becoming my favorite, he's just not in enough books. I like him because he's grossly underpowered (but he has cool powers) dislikes "skintights", is a badass spy, ruthless and he banged Kitty before Colossus. And of course, Captain America. Phone Post

Dr Doom - He has been my favourite villian since i was a child.

Colossus - He just looks like a bad mutha.

The Hulk - Nuff said.

Spiderman - Legend.

NightCrawler - Another badass.

Maverick- weapons,power,vunerability and inner strength.

Batman- Sherlock Holmes with cool gadgets and dry wit.

Atom Eve/Mary Jane- I love a red head

Battle beast- Just a bad ass

Thor- used to read Norse mythology as a kid

Dr Who- whats not to like?

Captain Britain- Gladiator without the crappy hair and rules

Wolverine- we went through a rough patch but he's still a cool character

Abraham (walking dead)- character I least want to be killed off.

Spiderman is my all time favorite.

Flash is my favorite DC character before it was Batman but someone dropped the mad knowledge on a thread here and i really started liking his powers.

Silver Surfer & Thor are my favorite powerhouses in marvel.
Shazam is my favorite powerhouse at DC.

my favorite mutant is Xman or Franklin Richards.

Thanos, black adam, Doom, Zoom and Magneto are dope

Conan - got me started in comics, bad-ass, gets bitches

Punisher - ultimate bad-ass, doesn't give a fuck

Moon Knight - crazy bastard, love the costume

Deadpool - one of the few characters who make me laugh

Booster Gold - funny, very important but can't let on he is

TomBSupraT have you read the latest Deadpool with the "Draculas"? I couldnt stop laughing all the way through it, Daniel Way just totally gets it sometimes imo.

Moon Knight- Bad ass, crazy mutha fucka. Sometimes has powers but most of the time doesn't and is equally as bad ass.

Nova- Worked his way up from nothing to one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe.

Ares- Super cool god of war.

Thor- Do I even need to say anything... All my geek friends love an original 60's marvel character, so I figured I'd get into Thor... Fell in love, easily one of my favourites.

Kyle Rayner Green Lantern- Very real, and I feel like I can relate to him

Invincible- The best written and coolest comic character EVER!!!!!!

RDUK - To be honest I think Victor Gischler writes Deadpool the best but I actully thought that issue was one of the funniest DP books I've ever read and I buy every single one.

Just having Deadpool calling them "Draculas" throughout the book had me laughing let alone all the other shit that went down.

Ha ha I liked the little spontanious romance he got going too, I will have to check out Gischler's work. I got on the Deadpool wagon quite late with Fabian Nicieza's Cable and Deadpool and stuck with it, lot of people dropped off when Daniel Way took over but I'm glad I stuck with it.

  1. Hulk - I love the concept. A normal guy that when he gets pissed off, turns super strong and f*cks stuff up. The madder he gets, the stronger he gets. He can overcome almost anything with pure rage and brute strength.

    2. Magneto - Always cool and collected, believes in the superiority of mutants (homo-superior as he calls them), and is willing to stick by his convictions to the death.

    3. Batman - Just an ordinary guy with gadgets and possibly the best tactician in comic book history.

    4. Ghost Rider - I like that he can torment people with their own evil deeds. He can make the wicked suffer what they have made others suffer.

    5. Silver Surfer - I just dig his freedom to roam the universe at will. It's a fantasy of mine. I really hope that's what death is like (he's almost always well written too).

    6. Thanos - the mad titan. Kinda like Hulk and Silver Surfer had an insane evil baby.


Thanos is like the Stone Cold Steve Austin of the MU, lol

Captain America


Dr. Manhattan