Who at 170 is left for GSP??

 OK, Jake Shields, then who else??? If BJ Penn wins a couple more, MAYBE a 3rd fight. Outside of them, who does he fight??? I guess the Silva/GSP super fight will happen soon. Am I overlooking anyone???

after beating shields and fitch (a second time) - we can say that he 100% cleared the division.

BJ is far from getting a third shot at GSP. He's going to have to beat at least 3-4 dudes (which will take time) and I cant imagine him getting past fitch. Plus who is GSP going to fight while BJ is trying to get multiple wins at 170?

No - I think after shield and possibly fitch - GSP needs to take some time off and pack on the weight to move to 185.

He's done it all at 170, and is on route to doing it all a 2nd time around.

not really, considering he has already cleaned out the division. No offense, but not like Hardy was a real contender, and well, sorry, as good as Kos was, neither was he.

Seriously, if you want to be the #1 contender, you should have to beat number 2-4 in the division to even make that claim, and well, neither of them did that. I think they are just throwing him bones to keep him busy. As far as I am concerned, Shields should have to beat Fitch or Alves to stake a true claim at the number #1 contender spot

he wont get past shields, theyll give him fitch again after that, then a shields rematch

Shields should be a good challenge for him (if he performs like he is capable). His last fight with Kampman was pretty bad. UFC jitters???

GSP is young enough to put on 15 pounds correctly and could quite possibly Dominate at 185 as well. I think Anderson is the only 185er that could potentially destroy him, and if he can get by him, well we very well may be able to witness something very very special. That would be Sugar Ray Robinson special.

Shields, Fitch, Pierce, Condit, BJ etc.

Next for GSP is a long reign that insures that he will be able to get nice paychecks on his name long after he's retired from MMA, imo.

If he gets past Shields, he should fight Kampman. After that he should be moved up to 185. If Fitch wants to rematch him he can follow him up to middle weight.

Or just fight all the guys he hasn't fought yet, contender or not then move up. Phone Post