Who bet on Sylvia?

After taking some losses, I had thirty dollars left in my sportsbook account. I believed in Tim and put my money on him and made ninety bucks. Tim's the man. Now I'm going to let my money ride. $120 on A. Silva over B. Vera when they fight.

I won betting on Tim.  Ray Jackson is now Sylvia's Shart

People call my trips with gutshot straight draws on party poker and 1 out of maybe 8 or 9 times they collect too.

Stratergy or special olympics bingo - you be the judge.

After losing $300 on Brad Imes a few weeks ago, I decided to go with one
more big guy and bet $150 on Syliva. I made $450!!!!! (too bad I spent a
lot of it already on the damn knicks last night and dinner for my girl...)

I made forty...made up for my loss on Forrest