Who called it?

"The Lakers?!?! Let me have a chunk of what you're smoking bro." - PusherMan on LA-San Antonio being a competitive series.

"LOL! The Lakers may not even make the second round." - Cire

"Here's the key thing about the Lakers:
They're not very good." - Nogamejones

"Spurs are clearly the better team." - shawns

"The spurs will beat the Lakers in 5." - shadetree

"Spurs will steal a game in L.A. Guaranteed.
I wouldn't at all be surprised to see a sweep at this point. The confidence isn't there for the Lakers." - Brian Davis

"Spurs are just now coming into their own and they have already won 2 Championships. Get ready for a long dynasty folks." - Brian Davis

"Keep trying to fool yourself.

While Lakers are struggling to pick up wins against the Rocketes, the Spurs are studying Laker film and practicing.

They know how to beat the Lakers. They have a mental edge. They are the current reigning Champions. That means something.

They also just swept a pretty good team in the first round and are riding a 15 game winning streak.

And the Lakers are going to stop this? Not a fucking chance." - Brian Davis

i concur. :(

LAKERS #1!!!!!


I hope the Spurs looked up at all those championship banners that hang in L.A. Since there will be more next time they come to town.....

"The spurs will beat the Lakers in 5." - shadetree

I had no idea the Spurs would miss every wide-open shot..They sure as hell didn't do that against Memphis.

The Spurs are a great team but they were outclassed here.

Classic Quotes by LA hating folks!!..Spurs time to go Fishing!..Your year is done!!


Great thread.

Spurs fans are getting owned...damn! LOL!

good thing songaila is not on the spurs..;)