who can fire Dana?

He has solidified his postion in the UFC by being a very very visible president.

So is Dana going to be president of the UFC until he retires?

Was he with SEG when they bought it from the Gracies?

Did he singlehandedly bring the sport to where it is today?

Danald Trump... your fired

Yes, Trump only.

"So you want to be the F#$%^&g President of the UFC!"

Dana would have to commit a monumental gaff to be fired.

They should have a UFC related episode of The Apprentice. Have them market something with help from a few fighters. Dana as a special guest in the boardroom. I see comedy potential.

  1. He was not with SEG

  2. Bob Meyrowitz (SEG) owned at least a major percentage of the UFC from the beginning, not sure how big a stake the Gracies and Art Davie had in it back then

  3. The Ferttitas (sp?) bought it from Meyrowitz/SEG, Dana White is their employee, so I guess they could fire him if they were so inclined

Dana may also have been a boxercise instructor and a family friend, but I'm sure he got the job in no small part due to his involvment with MMA as Tito's and Chuck's manager at the time.

I can't imagine the circumstances under which he would be fired. Viewed from any sort of business perspective, he has been a monumental success.


ttt for a new pres

"Fertittas will not fire Dana because Dana is a long time family friend. Who else whould hire a boxercise instructor to run a company."

Doesn't matter how close Dana is to the Fertittas if he drops the ball they will fire him. Business is Business but that being said he would probably have to really drop the ball for them to do it. Or get caught sleeping with one of their wives.

BLAF can be a dick, but he's made some good business decisions.  As long as he keeps listening to what the Underground Forum members say, he will be fine.  BLAF was the one who put all the UFC spies on this site.

Gary Hughes

Dana will never be fired. He gets results and..... he is BLAF, so who is brave/stupid enough to try to dance with that?!

He owns 10% of Zuffa- tough to "fire" him.