Who can give a Black Belt ?

Just curious. Who can give award a Black Belt. I thought you had to have 3 stripes on a Black Belt to be able to give someone else a Black Belt ? at least that's what I was told. Now I see new Black Belts, giving other guys black belts, even Brown Belts awarding color belts. What is the protocol ?

lister got his black belt from a guy that had his less than a year i think

2 nd degree

I think brown can promote if there is no blackbelts in his academy. I also think that you should have been a blackbelt for 3 years before you can promote someone to blackbelt.


"Instructors allowed to give grades

The membership form of an athlete graded in the following belts: grey, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and brown must be signed by a black belt instructor who is certified by the IBJJF (with the exception of a few countries – fifth chapter)

The membership form of an athlete graded black belt must be signed by a black belt instructor no lower than 2nd degree who is certified by the IBJJF. "

So, if you want to be recognized by the major orgs., it looks like you should not accept the BB from less than a second degree.

"Instructors allowed to give grades

These rules here are a guide, they sure as hell are not the rules every single BJJer has to live by, you interprete them how you wish

shen: I knew after you left Aranha you would disgrace the belt system.

Turn back to Aranha, my friend. Have some respect for the belts!

I stand corrected. I didn't realize the new black belts KNOW they're black belts (and can attest to their skill level).

I apologize to the friends and families of said black belts.

(sigh) I get paid in a few days.. blue belt coming soon. FINALLY

So CBJJ or Ibjjf or whatever only recognizes you as a " BlackBelt" if you where given your Blackbelt from a 2 stripe or is it 3 stripe blackbelt ? just wondering not trying to stir up Drama ! Also I understand you reach the title of " Professor " after a few stripes as well ?

People in BJJ do whatever they want. This sport is lawless.

Bolo has nailed the correct. What is Marc Laimon to do? Should he have
to affiliate with someone to get the "right" to give a bb?

I like how people try to treat ibjjf like its the American Medical Association! lol

Shane Moynihan rules BJJ in Bawlmer!

I just got my black belt under Prof. Malcolm Bibb!

Have YOU ever rolled with ...Robert Yamashita in St. Louis

Get your head out, Shen. Robert Yamashita is in Baytown, TX: 



You guys are on a roll here!

-i am amused-

Easy Shen...Nobody never said anything about rigid rules. There was a question about protocol. I just posted a link of what I think is the most standard official protocol. I just happened to be on the site at the time b/c I was trying to see who Renzo got his black belt from...I think everyone accepts that it's just a guideline. You need some kind of guideline for a sport that's exploding across the globe.

Given your last posts, I figured you to put something more along the humorous lines??? Cleveland? - Maybe for the ALCS!...But those lake flies better be gone.

I would like to get my black belt from shen but I've heard his standards
are too rigid.

Lance Hendershot rules!! Great technique!