Who can hook me up?

does anyone here have some inside knowledge or a way inside coporate companies to get me a ticket to the FA cup final??

i am deadly serious.

Good luck with that!

lol, worth a try...

am in contact with ppl on the united forums, and just waiting to see if anyone has a spare ticket

You're going to have to make love to Darren Fletcher.

Good luck indeed....


don't worry, you won't need one

Turn up with a months wage in hand. Someone will have a spare for sale

a months wage from what?

Oooops sorry wrong cup, i thought you were searching tickets for Athens Champion's League Final

I was wondering why you would spend a lot of money to see a match between AC Milan and Chelski

Just saw in the news that Man Utd and Chelsea are only getting 25,000 tickets each. That means 40,000 corporate tickets. What a fucking joke The FA are.

That is a joke.

"a months wage from what?"

You a student or a bum?

Don't answer the above, DJS just filled me in.

Turns out I'll meet you on Sunday at the boxing


40,000 corporate?

thats pretty wank, they should watch it on tv like the rest of us and let the real fans go