Who can put Cung on his back?

Can anyone U think of in EliteXC put or keep this guy down.

1st they have to get past his kicks.

2nd they have to deal w/ above average wrestling skill.

Anyone on the UG care to share suggestions?

His girlfriend....

Gary Shaw

Frank could of and should of.

But went with pleasing the crowd by keeping it standing. He had the back but let it go.

See, I don't think Frank could of. I think it just turned out to be a bad match-up for Frank.

Lol @ his G-friend and Gray Shaw comments.

Both can :)

Frank made no attempts to get the takedown.He stood up with cung and when he was losing the stand up battle he should have attempted for the takedown.It was his downfall.Cung le fought a great fight.I still think his ground game can come back to haunt him,but he looked incredible today.Hats off to cung le .Regardless of what frank could have done to change the outcome of the fight,cung fought and won against really good fighter in frank.

Someone like Paulo Filho might be able to take him down.

the LAPD

I agree....I think Frank had a good chance of taking him down if he tried. Cung throws so many kicks so he'll get taken down by a wrestler or someone with good takedowns who chooses to go that route. If they can keep him down is a different story.

Brock Lesnar.

afaik Cung Le hasn't been tested by anyone legit who actually had a sound strategy (lol Frank)

The guy has pretty good wrestling but i'd like to see how he deals with an even better wrestler

Robbie Lawler

" Frank could of and should of."

Frank's wrestling is SHIT. Renzo took him down at will and he couldn't get up.

I would love to see Cung vs Marquardt to see what his wrestling is really like...

"Hendo, Lindland, Sonnen, Prangley, Kang, Akiyama, probably even ol Sakuraba"

No shit Sherlock, I said in the EliteXC.

GirthMonkey, I don't think Frank has the Wrestling capabilties to take down Cung. He tried when he got his back in the 1st round and failed.

Lawler will lose stylistically, IMO.

Strategy was a huge difference in this fight.

We have asked for our fighter, Jake Rosholt, but they are not interested in seeing that fight happen.

"Lawler will lose stylistically, IMO."

Frank hurt Cung several times with slow, telegraphed punches. Lawler hits faster and much harder than Frank. He is also a strong wrestler.

No disrespect to Jake but he needs to earn his way to the big money fights. He is a great wrestler. But that does not earn him the right to a title shot or a big payday. Lets see him fight some top level competition and earn his way there.

GirthMonkey, I don't think Frank has the Wrestling capabilties to take down Cung. He tried when he got his back in the 1st round and failed

he did not attempt enough.He kept trading in mid range.The side kick was killing him.Franks only answer was to throw the right hand.He needed to catch the kick for the takedown.If all else fails make it a groundgame.I think frank banked on his hands having enough pop to catch cung le for the ko.He came close but took alot of damage along the way.Cung le picked him apart.I don't care if he jumped to guard,he needed to change something in his game plan cuase as the fight went on cung le was very comfortable trading.