Who can tell me about Clen?

And not from a cut and paste of every artical out there but from first hand exp?

works well, you'll get a bit shakey on the way up never tried with an ECA stack which a lot do.

Remember you are playing with your health bigtime though.


It can give you cardiac damage

You will get the shakes and your heart will race. Your receptors get used to it after about 2 weeks so its 2 weeks on 2 weeks off but ya, you are playing with your health but then again you do that walking down the sidewalk these days.

if this is for cutting/weight loss, i suggest
-a diamond taper 20406080604020
and stacking it with t3 (also done in a damond taper)

I've got no problem with people using these types of substances, but for losing fat I'd rather just diet and exercise (but I'm lucky and fat comes off quick).

I haven't used it, and I'm not opposed to others using it, but the guys I know who have taken it constantly have their heart beating like they are on ephidrine (which I have taken - and I hate that stuff).

it makes your heart want to rip out of your chest alien style.

like ephedra times 4

so a fast heart beat is about it would you also sweat like a pig

"you have to take this with nolvadex to protect your liver"

That makes no fucking sense at all.

With T3 and Clen, although it will promote faster weight loss, it would be at the expense of muscle.

If it's only fat you want to lose, skip the T3.

Hell drink beer and it will harm you to.

My thoughts were to change my diet add more exercise and increase protein intake as well as start adding some serious weight training. The clen is to help my 40 year old metabolism get rid of some of the stubborn fat.

not trying to become a body builder etc just looking to drop about 15 pounds of fat and retain or improve on current muscle.

more than most.