Who Creates the Worst Farts

Black people with gumbo and red beans and rice

White people with corned beef and cabbage

Koreans with natto beans and garlic

Mexicans with tacos and refried beans

Japanese with onion soup, edamame and spicy tuna roll

Germans with bratwurst and sauerkraut

Italians with pork meatball and greaseball soup

Your mother with an ounce of dairy in her.



She’s a real milk shitter.


My wife the only time she decided to try supermarket sushi. I had to stay up late as night shifts were starting the next evening. In our old house there was a door off the kitchen that lead to a hallway & the bedroom(2 closed doors, bedroom & hallway). When I decided to call it a night I smelled something strange in the kitchen by the hallway door. Looked around & didn’t find anything. Opened the door to the hallway & it got stronger. Opened the bedroom door & I thought there was a decomposing animal in the room. I opened a window & went back out to the living room to watch a movie. Went back to bed & closed the window. When she woke up she tried blaming me & I just laughed telling her there was no chance I could conjure up whatever she had going on. She never had cheap sushi again & never came remotely close to brewing that lethal stench again lol. Still give her a hard time over that & its been over 12yrs now.


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My Mastiff with anything he gets in his belly.


Old Asian ladies

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Women in general

Children for some reason too. Every once in a while a toddler will drop one that smells inhuman and has incredible range and staying power.


Chemo farts.

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My brother after a can of chicken chow mein. He cut one so rank at my house one night it literally made my ex-wife, who was pregnant at the time, throw up. The absolute nastiest gas I’ve ever smelled from a human source.

Do you ever think about things that aren’t related to race?

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Truffle & Goat cheese farts… absolutely disgusting.

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Ive never eaten a vegan or an indian but I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Vegans are delish.