Who did Arlovski sign with? Any chance of AA/CC?

I know Arlovski didn't re-sign with UFC, and I've heard rumores of him fighting on the undercard of Sylvia/Fedor, and even a fight with ben Rothwell, but nothing confirmed that I've heard of. I was hoping he would end up in Dream where he would definately get to fight Cro Cop, and even Kharitonov.

Has he signed with anyone yet? If so, who? Will he be able to fight for other orgs? Will Arlovksi/Cro Cop ever happen?


no clue wut that guy is doin
i still think cro cop would beat him.

he wants no part of sergie(sp)

I believe he can only negotiate with the UFC through the end of the the month.

I was hoping he would stay with the UFC and fight Vera or Kongo.

AA is under Contract with the UFC until May; do not know the exact date. I know Dana has stated he wants AA to re-sign but surely Arlovski will be fielding offers next month from all the players with the big coin.

 i think he's doing security for jerry springer show!

Always wanted to see Arlovski vs CroCop.

Would love to see him fight in DREAM against the likes of CC, Aleks, Hunt, Sergei or even Overeem.

I'd stay in UFC if I was Andrei. He has an excellent chance to win the belt if he chooses to stay.

If he leaves then I reffed his UFC retirement fight.....

If not UFC, then Dream is really the only place for a fighter of Arlovski's level.

Hoping he stays with the UFC and fights Gonzaga or Herring, personally. Barnett and CroCop would be good fights for him in Japan but I wouldn't get to see them live, which sucks.