Who do you have as the second greatest tennis player of all-time?


Thank you my friend you are too kind!

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i still think federer was playing better tennis and contributing more to the evolution of the sport at his prime than either nadal or djokovic in theirs. i think most would agree djokovic’s still in his. there’s of course no doubt they’ve made their mark. particularly in the case of nadal as a clay specialist.

but tennis basically has a pre-federer and post-federer era. it’s hard now that federer’s on the verge of retirement and the sport has adapted to him, but federer in the middle- to late 2000’s was a watershed period of time for the sport.

i do agree that his competition wasn’t as great but a.) it was his game that made that level of competition possible and b.) he dominated their asses for a number of years, too

I think it should be the GUN instead of GOAT…

Greatest Until Now!


Anytime someone is labelled the greatest of all-time it is always past and present. Nobody knows who, or what, is coming along in the future.

No, but I remember Stiffler played tennis for a few years…


lol yup, they are identical

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Exactly, they are the GUN!

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Nobody will ever break Sampras’ 6 consecutive year ending #1 ranking. GOAT.

You must never of seen him play at the French open then!


Nobody ever had less competition…

Guys basically the opposite of Nadal…

Greatest Until Now But Not Including The Future.


but ‘‘all’’ of time includes the future!

By the way it seems to be Muhammad Ali who coined this ridiculous phrase. I blame him for this!

“Float like a butterfly, win like a GOAT”

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Tennis is for people who couldn’t get into drama club.

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It’s also for women…

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It also doesn’t account for aliens that might be playing way better tennis on other planets.

It actually does though… it’s not the Greatest Of All Time Specifically On Earth!

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It has a nice ring to it.

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