Who do you have as the second greatest tennis player of all-time?

Have to confess I haven’t watched her much but can see that she crushed Sabalenka today.

Would you recommend watching her in the final tomorrow against Jabeur?

Annoyingly the Djokovic match has been delayed grrrrr.

Djokovic consolidates the break!

@Canooke hope you are watching the match on Amazon prime!

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Oh yeah, definitely. She plays aggressive and has touch, too.

I like her game a lot, very fun to watch.

I’m Not anti-women’s tennis at all, but sometimes It can get a little stale. She’s a breath of fresh air.

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I did used to watch women’s tennis growing up. I got turned off by it because I hated seeing better players like Hingis lose, because the Williams sisters were just too big and powerfull.

Based on your recommendation I might tune into the final tomorrow!

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4-0 Djokovic!

Definitely felt he was back yesterday and (so far) he is proving he is still on form.

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Ruud is no slouch, either (goes without saying).

Impressive so far.

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I just did a low effort search and I couldn’t find it. Low effort because I looked pretty hard yesterday and couldn’t find any sign of the tennis.

That’s unfortunate, might be worth emailing (or live chat) Amazon and getting them to tell you which events are available on their service.

If you want I can give you a link to a stream for the Djokovic match?

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Djokovic takes the first set 6-4!

Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll reach out to them or search online for the schedule.

I’m going to check Samsung TV right now. Maybe I’ll get lucky!

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Hope you find it!

If not I can give you a link to a good high quality stream. I’ii PM it to you if you want it.

Thanks man. I really do appreciate it. I’m a big boy scout with property rights infringements though lol

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Samsung TV had Titsipas vs Khachanov on.

okay well if you change your mind let me know!

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Thanks again.

Djokovic advances.

Djokovic takes the victory 6-4 6-3!

He is back!


the Rome final is coming up soon so what are your predictions?

I did have Tsitsipas as the favourite due to his better recent form on clay, winning Monte Carlo.

However I feel Djokovic was ‘‘reborn’’ in his quarter final with ‘‘that guy’’.

So I’m going to say Djokovic takes it in 3 sets.

Now I’ve said this Novak will probably lose 6-0 6-0 now!

Whoa Djokovic takes the first set 6-0!

Tsistipas with the break in the second set!

He leads 3-1