Who do you have as the second greatest tennis player of all-time?

Tsistipas served for the set but Djokovic broke back!

Where is everyone? Are you still sleeping off your hangovers in North america?

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Just tuned in after taking my kids to the park.

Damn, he had an opportunity to close the set and he let Djokovic back in.

You can’t give Novak an inch. Dude is nails.

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Welcome dude! Been lonely here by myself! I know there is a time difference so thought you were all still in bed.

Yup Djokovic on form is absolutely relentless, you have to take your chances.


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Haha negative, I’ve been up since 5:30!

Tsitsipas looks much better, But you can tell Djokovic is just picking on that backhand. It seems like when Stefanos finally does get a chance the lineup his forehand, he’s been missed hitting the potential winners

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You are definitely right about the backhand, I agree as well Stefanos seems to be over thinking when lining up the forehand.

He definitely feels under pressure from Novak.

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Good match
Watched both yesterday also.


Welcome man!

This 2nd set tie break should be interesting.


Novak is so fun to watch, makes the #4 play from a defensive position.


5-5 tie break!

match point Djokovic!

Wow, Novak Djokovic is back ladies and gentleman!

Red hot favourite for the French open for sure

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What a come back for the last set.


When Novak is on form he is so relentless that it’s hard to kill him off!

You almost can’t get rid of him unless you have 2 breaks. It took a while to get back on form but he has definitely returned!

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I agree, i was disappointed when he wasny allowed at the aussie open.
We got the french open and wimbleton, woohoo.


I am so stoked for the French.

So many good storylines.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a big Djokovic fan, but I want him healthy and able to play. The game is better with him in it.

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I don’t mind Djokovic being strong and in form for the French but it bothers me that Nadal will have to contend with his foot injury.


How bad is his foot?

He seemed to downplay it a tad in the presser.

That may just be him being a class-act as always, though.


Just wanted to blow my own trumpet (which I do quite often) and show I was indeed correct in my prediction above!

Though he returned to form ‘‘slightly’’ earlier than I thought.

Highlights for those that missed the final. Djokovic’s forehand is definitely back to it’s best.