Who do you have as the second greatest tennis player of all-time?

There has been some great Tennis this week at Geneva!

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It appears the topic of discussion has deviated far from OPs original question.

So I have created a new OG Tennis thread where we can discuss all things tennis related. Incase the ‘’@’’ feature doesn’t work again, here is a link below.

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This thread became a general tennis thread a long time ago. It’s been a fun thread and it has 1.4k posts. I see no reason to abandon it and start over.

The thread title no longer matched the content discussed. Just thought it would be easier if future discussion was under a more appropriate thread title like other sports threads on the site. E.g Baseball, F1, Boxing etc.

True, but I don’t think that it mattered. If anything it was part of the charm. The thread was organic. It morphed. The small group of people that participated knew that the thread was open to all discussion about tennis.

My apologies man I didn’t anticipate that you would feel this way.

To be honest I got the idea to make a new Tennis thread months ago when Boomsticks was getting annoyed at some of the non-Tennis discussions that were going on at the time. So I thought making a new general Tennis only thread would help. Just took me until today to finally get round to making it.

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I remember that!

I forget the context, but it was going off the rails a bit on some crazy shit. But, hey, that’s the OG.

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It’s cool.

lol yeah I remember telling you I have an idea on how to fix things.

Just took me until today to finally get round to doing it!

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I’am genuinely sorry man, I honestly didn’t think you would mind at all.

I will try my best to make it up to you in the future somehow!

I’m good. You already made it better by being cool about it.

Happy Birthday to the GOAT!!

Nadal turned 36 today.


Is r-fed playing Wimbledon this year?

Who do we have as the favourite?

Is Nadal now the consensus #1 GOAT


Nadal is the consensus #1 GOAT now.

Federer is not playing in Wimbledon this year. Djokovic will be the favorite.

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I must have missed the memo.

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No worries, I’ll forward it to you. It was actually written by a team of PhD mathematicians who said that 22>20.

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And they didn’t get their PhDs online @GuttyProfessor

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More than half the French Open.

We’ll see how it all turns out.

You’re right. He won the whole French Open 14 times!