Who do you want to see Lee Murray


Are you asking Lee Murray a question or something?

Baroni or Tanner would be good fights

As far as his next fight in the UFC goes, I'd like to see him against Masanori Suda, Semenov, Denis Kang, or Phillip Miller.....Jermaine Andre would be fun, but he lost his last fight as far as I know.

Eventually I would love to see Murray fight Phil Baroni, Amar Suloev, or Falaniko Vitale.....Also Anderson Silva & Ryan Gracie, but those two fight in Pride.

I think Lee has only been offered 6 and 6 8 and 8 10 and 10 for his next three fights.
I don't think it is realistic to put Baroni or Tito in the mix if that is all the money he is being offered.
12,000.00 USD = 6,490.02 GBP
16,000.00 USD = 8,653.36 GBP
20,000.00 USD = 10,816.70 GBP
Thats not a lot after you pay the 30% tax and trainers etc.

I think they should offer more money considering the interest he is generating with the fans.

After he KO's Curtis Stout?


Lee should not fight for that amount of money period.

Lee is extremely marketable, a very good fighter with a very exciting ring presence.

If i were in Lee's camp i would speak with Koichi Kawasaki before signing any UFC contract. Lee would go down a storm in Japan and there are some interesting match up's waiting for him in either Pride or Bushido.

Riggs should not even be considered an option for a fighter who has recently beaten Pele and Rivera so convincingly.

Baroni and Amar Suleov