Who do you want your team to sign

I am a Cardinals fan so I want either SP help or RP help. I wouldn't mind a Pettite or a Maddux. Those are rather unlikely though. I will just settle for the bullpen help. No one really specific in mind.

If you are a Cubs fan...who do you want? Vlad? Tejada? Ivan Rodriguez? All seem plausible. What an outfield Vlad, Sosa, and Patterson would be.

Braves fan? What about it? How about try and make a trade for Richie Sexson? I have heard he is available. He would seal up that even open 1st base position in Atlanta. Which of the 4 free agents do you want back?

Mariners fan? Who do you want back? Do you want to let the veterans go? look for a change? Do you want Cameron back? Should you let Edgar finish his career there? Opinions?

I just touched on a few teams issues. Feel free to address others. Like should the Yankees trade for ARod? I have heard those rumors...rumors that would send Soriano, Nick Johnson, and Jeff Weaver to Texas for ARod. A rumor that would move Jeter to 2nd or 3rd and let ARod play SS. Will someone take Manny off the BoSox hands?

I'm hoping that the Astros decide to keep Billy Wagner and Richard Hidalgo. But they don't seem interested in keeping both contracts, with Berkman becoming a free agent after next season (I think). If they unload Wags and Hidalgo, I'd really like to see them make a run at Pettitte, a homegrown Houston boy.

And no, nobody will take Manny's contract,unless it's a sign and trade with Houston and the Yankees involving Manny going to New York, Pettitte going to Houston, and Wagner and/or Hidalgo going to Boston. New York is the only team that would be willing to pony up Manny's $20 mil.

I really think Wagner is gone. I believe he is due 10 million next season. I feel like Dotel will become the new closer for the Astros. A trade to the Red Sox or the Cubs or Sox seems possible for Wagner. I know he said he fully expects to be traded...

i'm hoping pittsburgh signs anybody that can hit 30hr's and have a 285 or better average in 500+ab's!!!!

yep. It sucks, but hopefully the 'Stros put that money towards a good lefty starter (**cough*cough*Pettitte*cough*cough**) They may have to clear out more salary to do that though, so if they make another trade, Hidalgo's the next to go.

As for the Cubs, I think they keep Lofton, Patterson, Sosa, & Alou for the outfield. Their real logjam is 1st base with Simon & Choi there. That'll be an interesting situation. They do need to get younger in the outfield soon, but maybe not this year. I can see them upgrading at SS (Tejada?) but I doubt it. They will sign Wood long term I believe.

It sucks that Wagner left, hopefully H-town can sign Pettitte to the 'Stros. An article a few weeks ago in the Deer Park Progess, had Andy saying he wanted to come home.

I just hope the Braves can sign half the damn team back. I'd like to slap John Schuerholz (sp?) in the mouth.

i want guerrero in boston

arod to the mets!! i hope so

arod and guerrero to boston!

arod to baltimore????

The Cubbies made a big move today, picking up Derek Lee from the Marlins. He's got the best glove in the league at first, IMO. Decent power too.

Cardinals need relief pitching....bad

Sounds like Petitte going to the Astros is pretty close to a done deal. That would be the only thing that could make trading Wagner tolerable.

Deer Park Represent!!!!

eric - would you have traded Wagner for Petitte straight up?

I wouldn't.

i want my team to sign the best free agent outfielder and relief pitcher on the market and it looks like the pirates have granted my wishes...

to the top for next years NL MVP and CY YOUNG and Rolaids FIREMAN RELIEVER

Darryl Ward and Juan Aceveido!!! the pirates will win the series now!!!!


What I meant was that I would have been pissed off if the Wagner trade wasn't a cost-cutting move designed to clear payroll space for Pettitte. The fact that they made that move lessens the sting.

As for trading straight up, I never really thought of it like that. I might, simply beause either Lidge or Dotel could step in and close, and the Astros haven't had a 15-18 win lefty since the half season of Randy Johnson in 98.

And yes, I realize Robertson won 16 this year as a rookie lefthanded starter, but his ERA was near 5, and without great run support, he could easily have been 7-16, not the other way around.