Who does Steve Irwin train with???

Just watching him now on Leno, and he mentioned that he's doing "martial arts", and that he's training with someone who's having a fight in Vegas soon. Funny shit!

He's talking about his bodyguard Danny Higgins.

I bet that guy has a mean top side from all those crocs he wrestled. 

He's doing BJJ...can't remember who with. I'll see what I can find....

His name is Dan Higgins. He is their Security Director at the Zoo, check it out here.

Not sure who HIS coach is, but Dan is 6-1 in MMA. 1-0 in Boxing. State & National Karate Champ, 2nd & 3rd in the World Karate Champs in USA, State Heavyweight Judo Champ, Qld Freestyle Wrestling Champ, 2nd NSW Open (Freestyle Wrestling),
Qld Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champ, & Qld Submission Wrestling Champ. His only loss is to Joey Villasenor!!!

Here are some pics:

Fucking surreal....Steve Irwin training in MMA!!!!! He's Boxing, doing Muay Thai and BJJ in those!!

LOL...practicing his new moves for the crocs in his next show.

Oh Danny Higgins he is legit, doing well in the states for KOTC.

He needs to keep his left up when hes throwing rights to the body. If i can spot that, just imagine what a clued up croc could do to him...

--- "LMAO @ him training in his khaki's!!!"

LOL, I was thinkingh the same thing.

He is awesome... Going to have to try and sign him in our Australian Shooto promotion. Against a big salty of course

I bet he bangs in those frickin clothes. I've seen him climb mountains, scuba dive, surf, swim, and chase down boars and roos in those frickin clothes.

Rickson by armbar :43 Rd 1

He does not own any other clothes.

Irwin vs. Puder, Pride News Year's Eve, make it happen DSE.

They do a piece on him in the latest Grappling Magazine.

he better keep those eye opened or he's going to eat some nasty croc punches in the future

We should all pitch in to start a Steve Irwin FUND and send him fight t-shirts from all of our schools and fight shorts and such.  He needs a pair of Thai shorts with a big croc on the front and "Hunter" on the back.

ttt to add to mythreads


awesome... I bet he is freaky strong!

TTT - for the "Outback Fighting Championship"

LOL @ Chalupa...

If I didn't know better, I'd think that was Steve himself.  Sweet!

Very good, sounds like Steve!