Who else hates the MOPP dance?


Has anyone actually been somewhere where they needed it?

In basic training we got smoked for 3 hrs in MOPP year outside in August In Missouri.

Sucked ass.

We got into shit one day and almost did bunk drills in MOPP4.

Live agent as in the kind that kills a rat that is in the chamber. Information's info is correct :)

I was not NBC, by the way, but I do know that they do use a live agent in the NBC MOS School.

Actually, you are right about that, I remember watching a program about that.

The only thing we had to do was the tear-gas test, or whatever the hell that damned stuff was. Sit in the room, look at the pill thing smoking, then asked to take off the mask and say my name and run the hell outta there.


I was holding my breath the first time I went through (basic), and I got punched in the stomach.

I didn't throw up, though.

Once you've been through a bunch, it is not bad.

Hey guys,

I'm a former 54B, Chemical Defense Spec. At the time, Chem School was a Ft. McClellan, Alabama. Yes I did go through the live agent chamber and proud of it. It took several hours in MOPP4, physicians checking us every step of the way for exposure, M8 alarms going off and M9 paper changing colors, a few Decon scenarios and then personal Decon. What a rush !!!

Because of my background, I'm not the Chem Officer for the SWAT Team for my agency. I'm responsible for the inventory of chem agents and the instruction of proper use and maintanence of our protective gear.

I've been out since '97 so it's cool to be able to talk to you guys. Be proud of who you are and what you do. One day it will all be over and believe me you will miss it.


yeah used it last march scariest 2 hrs of my life.

yep i wore the new J-list(improved mopp suit). for 2 weeks in iraq. and it sucks. but we were only in mopp level 2. a few times we had to go to mopp level 4 when a scud hit too close to home

They made me carry my chem gear to both Saudi and to the island of Diego Garcia. I figured I would need it in Saudi..nope. But why even tell us to take it with us to Diego Garcia is a mystery to me...it's way out in the middle of the Indian Ocean for christ's sake. The Navy folks saw us carrying all these huge bags in the air terminal and were like "What the hell is that stuff" LOL

I did about 10 hours worth of MOPP between and kuwait and iraq, during thw war. It sucks wearing it in the blistering heat, but the worst was watching the kuwaitis in the scud bunkers without the gear!


No Body Cares

J-LIST was better, but after wearing it for 3 weeks straight it got old also.

any one not insane hates it. don't leave home with out it.

"I know it's not what you are asking, but I guess all NBC MOS in the Army are introduced to a live agent environment. Again, that is hearsay and it could just be the Army psyching some soldiers out. "

Yes, it's true. I was a 54B L5 Chemical Recon, we rode in the Fox vehicle so we never had to go to MOPP gear.

I loved wearing mine on REFORGER when I was on a fucking mountaintop in Germany in -degree weather and had to set up our tents in chest-high snow. Warmest clothes I had in the Army, even warmer than that stupid parka.

MOPP 5, mask on. Weapons at the alert position. Advance ! Oh yeah Real fun (NOT!)

Hi, I'm a NBC NCO (Nuclear Biological Chemical) and am in the NBC room all the time, handing out the JS Lists, protective masks, and other MOPP gear to you all. Trust me, we wear MOPP gear for a reason--to avoid contaminated air attacks on us soldiers. MOPP 0-2 isn't too bad, but I agree that MOPP 3-4 gets to us all. Hang in there and respect your NBC NCO! lol

Thanks for your comments;)

As a Nuclear Biological Chemical Defense (NBCD) specialist for the Marine Corps I can tell you without a doubt the NBCD really stands for Nothing But Collateral Duties. I heard that the NBC plt at 1st FSSG has been designated as Mortuary Affairs and now the bag bodies over in Iraq.

Actually, I rather enjoyed MOPP 4.

Especially when we had to dig, defuse, etc. mine fields while in MOPP 4. That was the high light of my twelve month tour in the Gulf.

Either that or living in MOPP 3 for two weeks.