who else watches lucha libre?

i watch pro wrestling from mexico and speak exactly no spanish!

and i love it!!!

granted sometimes it looks like a halloween costume party but its fn entertaining.

i just wished they wouldnt show slo mo replays as that shows how fake the moves are.

but those fans are hot, the wrestlers act like they like it and it seems to be one helluva show.

no dialing it in in mexico!

(cept for gronda)

some dudes came out to eye of the tiger

some came out to stings old music

I always used to watch it when we had it on the wrestling channel. La Parka and the little guy in the monkey suit ruled.

I watched it once and a Huge guy came out in a Batman mask, drawn on muscles (kind of outlined with a sharpie because he was alredy pretty big)......and to top it off, he came out to the old Legion of Doom's What a Rush entrance......only it kept saying What a Rush over, and over, and over again. I also seem to remember some Godzilla sounds as well.

Very, very, very weird scene.......and I'm not making this up......anyone have any info on this guy......seems like La Parka or maybe Ultimo Dragon was also involved in the match, I can't remember much else but I know it was on Super Bowl Sunday last season
on Galavision

At one time, there was a midget named Chucky who wore the mask and outfit from the serial killing doll movie. That was pretty damn funny...

I dabble. I used to watch everything I could get my hands on back when Mysterio, Guerrero, Barr and such were tearing it up down there, but I lost interest when they came to the states full time. Mistico is single-handedly getting me back into it though...

alot of tna guys go there

konnan, ron killings, jarrett, abyss to name a few

and juventood is around, la parka to name some guys old wcw fans would recognize



ne either but saw the tna guys and that painted devil guy is cool as shit. i cant wait to see a big "budwieser" apron on RAW hehe

I have gotten my wife addicted to it. We get a kick outta SUPER PORKY!!!!!!! They don't seem to do as many high spots on AAA as they used to. And there are alot of Marilyn Manson wannabes there. But it has totally blown CMLL out of the water these days. I would have never guessed it 7-8 years ago. I don't like how foxsports only shows an hour of cmll either. Juventud Guerrera is at AAA and looks juiced. He isn't the high flyer he was when WCW had the luchadors working for them.

I haven't seen AAA in years, I've always stuck with CMLL. Lucha just doesn't seem to me to be as good as it was about 10 years ago. Mistico is really the only reason I watch the little that I do

charley manson!!!!!

biggest pop was for la parka!!!!!!!!!

all the young wrestlers act like strippers though

"all the young wrestlers act like strippers though"

That's what we like most about Porky. He mocks those guys and the crowd eats it up. I don't get his crying thing though?! I am more of a traditionalist. Give me masked men and high spots anyday.

super porky is an fn riot!

LOL I had never seen him do a high spot until this weekend. If you were watching, did you notice it took all of the rest of the luchadores to brace themselves for him to do it. Their body language seemed to say "OH SHIT HERE HE COMES!"


i bet he is ugly as fuck though!