Who Else Works Third Shift?

Transferred to third about a month ago and love everything about it except the weekends. I can't get normal and I'm exhausted Fridays and Saturdays (I work sun-thurs).

I've tried variations of sleep schedule changes like staying up instead of going to bed when I get home Friday morning, taking naps, etc, and nothing keeps me from wanting to sleep early on Friday and Saturday. Advice? Phone Post 3.0

Its gonna take a while to figure out the best sleeping habbits. Took me about 3 months or so before I was comfortable with working nights. It all depends on if you ha e certain activities, kids, family etc..... I try to keep my.pattern around my kids projects. And I also sleep when the time allows, though that's not much. Phone Post

I could do them when I was younger, but they KILL me now. Absolutely can't do them. Quit a job because they forced me to go on them.
Read an article about how some people just aren't geared for night work. Had some science behind it.
I'm sure a lot of people will have tips and tricks. I kept being told , schedule , blackout curtains, caffeine avoidance and regular exercise ,,,,who knows Phone Post 3.0

i always went right to bed when i got home, would be refreshed for the weekend. just stayed up late on friday and saturday too.

Third shift....is that midnight? I started a thread on working 8pm to 6am...and asked about the physical effects. Do a search on my name....I started it like 2 days ago Phone Post

I did for awhile and liked it a lot..

But then some dick nugget with more seniority transferred over to my department and bumped me back to afternoons. Phone Post

I would prefer that shift compared to my 9-5...What do you do? Phone Post

I work 10pm to 6:30am. I loved it at first, now it is wrecking me. My days off get me all screwed up. Plus we have to work a lot if double shifts which makes it even stranger. The upside is, I get to read a ton if books. Phone Post 3.0

Some people can just pull it off. It amazes me, I'm a mess if I don't get 7 full hours of sleep. Phone Post 3.0

been working 10pm to 630 for almost 15 years now

In feb I started working 930-8am 4 nights a week for cvs. It's a looonnnggg shift but I can sleep fine. Being 23 I think nights are ok but after a while I want to switch back to days of evenings Phone Post 3.0

I work 7p to 7a. My advice? Nap. Your body needs it. Phone Post

Normal day. Empty highways and roads. Makes it a breeze. Phone Post

11pm to 7am.

Best shift in my opinion. Less people on the roads, but more action. ( law enforcement) Phone Post 3.0

Midnight to noon, whats up, im here now Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I'm nighturn.

Best thing I can tell you is try not to impact your schedule much once you get one that works. I'm older with kids, and I basically sleep the same on the weekends that I do during the week. I probably have it easier than most because I've always been a night person. I'm always up by 1pm and the shift doesn't impact my life or my families much. Phone Post 3.0

7pm to 7am, Every other Saturday, Every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It sucks sometimes, but im pretty used to it.

Science behind not working at nights, and not being geared for is total bs. You just have to get used to it. 3 years running. I workout after every night of work, and take a 5 hour energy, not coffee to keep up, when I need it.

Melatonin and redbull, 1 to sleep and the other to stay awake. Welcome to the graveyard crew! Phone Post 3.0

6pm-6am. i Do unarmed security Sun-Tues. I get 4 days off... I'm basically nocturnal. i wake up at 3pm, get to work at 5-530, on duty at 6pm, get off 6am and knock out sometime before 8, wake up again at 3. Phone Post