Who even wants to be an MMA fighter nowadays?

It’s not a sport. It’s not a money maker.

In fact, after Logan vs Floyd I bet lots of UFC fighters feel like idiots for wasting their health for peanuts.

This shit has run its course. So much for being bigger than soccer.

McGregor has pretty much showed the best that’s possible. It’s not going to be repeated any time soon.


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For thousands of years dudes have fought for free.

I think MMA will be fine.


I tend to agree… it’s a lifestyle that is more conducive to Brazilians, non-Americans or hillbillies.

I couldn’t imagine working out for 4-5 months (minimum) just to “make” $20k. After paying out your team and taxes, what do you really make? Even $50-60k.

What happens if you get hurt and are out a year or 10 months? Fuck that shit.

Beats being an auditor, I guess


My youngest son wants to be a fighter bad. School asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and said a mma fighter like dad. It’s my fault because I exposed him to the sport since he could crawl . I told him he’s allowed to fight only if he gets a college degree . I Know first hand what it is like in this sport and I don’t want him struggling to make it in life once the sport passes you by .


It’s not the sport it was becoming.

These days it’s two athletic guys who punch and kick each other until one drops.


Dana needs $500 mill to blow on casinos so we all suffer future talent lost


For the most part, these days it doesn’t even matter who is fighting who.

The ranking system means nothing.

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How much do regular boxers make? Honest question. I’m not talking about Camelot, Floyd, Fury. I mean the 10th ranked bantamweight.

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College is fucking trash right now. Tell him to learn to weld underwater or operate cranes on high rises.


How many MMA fighters have 10s of millions of social media followers and how many are 50-0 in boxing?

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Neither Francis nor COsta bring butts to seats or bring in the views the Paul brother do. So I dont understand peoples logic behind fighters wanting to get paid the same as someone who brings in more money.

Same argument is made for WNBA players asking to get paid like men when they dont bring in much money.

The UFC focused on the brand & it paid off.


It’s definitely not an easy living. The first 3-4 years would be especially brutal due to the low paychecks but even if you
Make it past mid level in the ufc then you still have to worry about injuries …

I do think mma had not only stagnated but actually taken a dive in terms of popularity. Good luck finding casuals that know who Miocic or Ngannou are or even Kamaru Usman. I remember 7-8 years ago I knew quite a few girls that knew who gdp and Tito were and actually watched some ppv events … this interest has went away though

I wonder what caused the drop in interest? Too many events? The novelty wore off?

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Don’t get me wrong, the UFC needed to focus on themselves as their promotion but they have swing so far away from focusing on fighters fighting that it’s getting silly now.

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What do you mean it wasn’t the sport it was supposed to become? I think I know what you mean but explain it nonetheless

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The sport should be about the fighters, not the brand.

I understand they had to make it about the brand to build it but at the same time they were building names of the fighters to help sell the brand.

Now they are stepping back from that and just selling the brand and the fact they have fights.

It’s almost as if the fights are secondary.


MMA is bigger than ever. Why do you think ESPN gave them a package. A lot of fans have revisionist memory.

It’s the same people who say boxing is dead yet people pay big money to watch Floyd box a Youtuber.

First fight pay for UFC is now $10,000/10,000…a few years ago it was $3000/3000.

MMA is on every other weekend.

MMA fans are the worst.


The ufc is nothing more than a stage… an opportunity. My 13 year old daughter is a highly decorated grappler for her age who wants to get there. I tell her to keep training because the talent is so shallow she’ll be able to tap her way into the ufc. After that it’s dancing with the stars and movies. There’s no need for cute girls to fight Valentina or Amanda lol


Well if UFC wants to be taken seriously the average fighter salary should be $1M like other sports. Not even close to that.

Modern fighting is like racing animals… stupid and sleazy. Professional weight cutting killed the sport. Girls fighting is beyond stupid.