Who Exercises 1st Thing in the Morning?

I can never be bothered to exercise in the evening during the week. I am too tired after working to want to spend time slogging down at the gym.

I figure I'll have more success with exercising 1st thing in the morning. I'll rise at 6am and workout for an hour in my home before getting ready for work

Anyone else do this?

What are your thoughts?


I've done both. They both have their advantages.

I prefer to work out at night now though. My joints feel looser and it's a way to relax and change gears after a long day of work and kids.

It is nice to have that positive feeling of accomplishment in the morning too. You feel like you own your day. Phone Post 3.0

Nowadays I can never be bothered training hard after working all day.

It is summer too I am often waking up earlier.

I'll give this a go and see how I get on.

Two morning workouts to add to what I do on weekends is all I need. I think that is manageable.

Depends on how disciplined you are I guess, I'm really bad for snoozing my alarm and leaving getting up to the very last minute so it never worked for me, I know people that say it makes them energised though.

Everyone's different give it a go and see how it works for you. Phone Post 3.0

Mornings are great. It eliminates most excuses that can be used during the day.

I typically eat better all day as well whenever I work out in the morning. Phone Post

6:30 am...feel energized throughout the day 1-3pm nap daily.

But I get more from 9-1 done than most do all day Phone Post 3.0

I work second shift so I used to get up before work drive 30min to the gym, shower, the. Drive 30min to work. Gym owner moved the gym into same town my work is and now I go after work. Always have much better workouts late at night. Phone Post 3.0

I love working out in the morning, me and couple other guys will roll Bjj before work. Phone Post 3.0

If I'm training for a race I'll do a two a days...but I hate mornings Phone Post

Did nights forever, always tough to be motivated and energized after a long day at work... Been on mornings for a few months now and feel great!

However, sometimes I'm dead tired by like 3pm. Phone Post

Fasted workouts are awesome if you want to use more fat as fuel.. Phone Post 3.0

Army pt 630 to 745 five days a week. I get told when to exercise.

I prefer mornings anyways, feels like it gives me a good boost of energy for the rest of the day. Phone Post

I used to train at about 7:30 just before work. I'd run 3k then do some weights. I felt great at work but I couldn't do it in the winter. I'd wake up, hear the rain and turn the fuck over and go back to sleep.

Now I train after work from 7:30 until 9. Phone Post 3.0

0530 - 0630 workout 5 days a week then shower and I am to work by shortly after 0700.  

Once your body adjusts, working out in the morning is great.  I would skip night workouts all the time because I would be too exhausted after work to go workout.  That doesn't happen working out in the morning.

Byproducts are that by about 10:00am I am hungry enough to eat a horse, and by 8:00 pm I am ready for bed.


I wake up for work at 4:00 am. I'll be damned if I'm getting up any earlier than that. Phone Post

I'm at the gym by 6am during the week and 7am on weekends(when they open) ... Love to get it done early, feel great all day Phone Post 3.0

we have quite a few members at the club I work at that show up at soon as the fitness center opens up at 6am and 80% of the traffic is before noon.

Nothing scarier than a 300 pound black dude screaming at you because you fell asleep on the leg curl machine.


Work out after work if you have any proclivity toward this, because fuck that dude hated me and he was huge.

I'm at the gym by 5:50am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to lift weights before work. Good start to the day and I can train bjj/judo after work. Phone Post

Does it make you sweat at work?


I did the morning workout thing and riding the bike to work thing for a bit, but I was so hot and sweaty all day I moved it to afterward.


I felt good,but was hot and sweaty all day.