Who gets Cain after werdum?

The heavy weight div is a ghost town.

Hapa's last 2 fights were a loss to werdum and a win over a broken

Jds already lost badly twice in a row to cain.

Hunto got kod badly vs werdum

Stipe is coming off loss to jds

Barnett has not been active and comes off loss to hapa.

Reems has one victory after getting kod 3 times in a row.

Other than someone moving moving up from LHW, is there anyone of intrigue in the world?

Winner of Brown vs Hunt hopefully. Phone Post 3.0

TX_432 - Winner of Brown vs Hunt hopefully. Phone Post 3.0
This will probably be the case. Then jds again for another beating..... if Cain doesn't hurt himself again prior to.


Brock lesnar!!!!!!!!

It would be a squash match but it would sell ppv Phone Post 3.0

It's such a shallow division that even with a loss you could probly earn a title fight after 2 wins Phone Post 3.0

It was stupid matchmaking to have rising contender stipe fight someone nowhere near a title shot.

It looks like Browne is going to be the only viable contender provided he gets one more win. Phone Post 3.0

I would hazard a guess that IF Jones gets past DC and Gus, which he MIGHT be able to do by the time Cain and Werdum fight, then there will be a call for a superfight.

I think Reem is the only person with the skill set to challenge Cain. Obviously if he gets cracked its over but he is still a monster Phone Post 3.0

Reem not so much. Ubereem maybe