Who gets KICKED OFF TUF 7 ????

And who gets voted back in????

I just saw a partial comercial for the next episode and Dana was saying " You name it, Ive kicked a guy out for it" (or something like that)..and the dep voiced narrator guy says "find out who gets kicked off and who gets voted back in, On the next...Ultimate Fighter."

So what do ya think, Pussy? Poser? or just plain fukkin' Idiocy?

Paul Bradley?

 I would guess Paul Bradley beings he signed with Elite...

"I would guess Paul Bradley beings he signed with Elite..."


I just want to know what in the world Rampage was screaming to Juanito about and then went on a Tyrade. I would never want to piss him off! Espcially when he's yelling "HE DIDN'T EVEN FIGHT!! HE NEVER FUCKING FOUGHT!!"

I would agree and think its Paul Bradley.

I saw this guy on the commercial for next week...


on the website it says "a fighter has a contagious skin disease, jeopardizing his future in the competition"... paul bradley have the body herp?

looked like it was Jesse Taylor that threw the kick in the commercial