Who gets kicked off?

On the next episode BJ loses it with a fighter on his team and kicks him off the team. Anyone know who maybe it is? The 4 people that he could kick off are either noah,allen,andy or emerson. My guess is noah.

Emerson, for the two bad outings.

was thinking it was Noah then read this on Joe's blog

"This week's episode should have been called, "Choosing to win, or choosing to lose." We had noticed in training that Andy doesn't listen very well, and by "very well," I mean "at all." Andy develops tunnel vision, gets it set in his mind what he wants to do, and does it. He cares more about acting like a Samurai and "leaving it all in the cage" than he does about winning. "

hmm interesting. Also on the commericals its look like noah is looking at that guy bj is telling to get the hell out.