who gets winner of chuck vs randy?

I was just curious , who's going to get the winner of chuck vs randy....who is there?


ya but if he wins , doesn't he have a stip in his contract that says he cant fight in the ufc . but if he loses , than what....pretty much bob sapp fan , who else is there..

Couture will beat chuck again but when Couture retires then Chuck will be champ.

they cant put winner of tito belfort vs chuck or randy...that fight wont sell.

they both lost big time against both guys.

Couture doesnt really need to go to Pride, he is being paid Pride like money in the UFC.

Having said that, he might go just for the challenge- he already has beaten everyone Zuffa has, and will beat Chuck again- rather easily too.

I'm sure everyone is going to hate me for this, but I gotta take the iceman in this one. I'm not saying the odds are in his favor, but I just that upset feeling about this one.


probably someone new, to give the champ an easy defense for a change. If Couture beats Chuck again, like I think he will, he'll have capped off a pretty demanding series of defenses

I would imagine PRIDE is willing to give Couture alot more than what he's earning in the UFC to fight Vanderlei. Now, as long as we're being optimistic, if only they'd schedule that fight for the first PRIDE event in the US...

Cote was a replacement and you know it

I really don't think Pride would be willing to pay Randy the kind of money it would take to lure him away from UFC just to have him dominate and thereby seriously hurt the drawing power of one of their biggest stars when there is no big future in Japan with Randy due to his age. It doesn't make any sense at all from a Pride promotional standpoint.

id hate to see randy leave the UFC, but if he does go to PRIDE, him vs. silva will be able to happen without a bunch of fucking red tape

"It doesn't make any sense at all from a Pride promotional standpoint."

That statement is based on the assumption that Randy will own Silva. I'm not making an assessment of the assumption but I don't think everyone, especially the PRIDE people, think that to be true. This would be the most highly anticipated fight in quite some time and would have a HUGE draw not only in Japan but, if marketed right, also in the states for those people who follow the UFC (who don't necessarily also follow Pride). If Silva wins, then Pride has demonstrated its dominance (with the potential for a revenge angle leading to hendo v. silva 2). If he loses then they either A) sign Randy to another fight or two or B) have a vacated title due to his retirement which provides the opportunity to hold a tournament or number 1 and 2 contender fight (hendo v. silva 2..I really want to see that fight.)

Randy has serious drawing power in the U.S as is demonstrated by his $200k+ per fight salary, but not so much in Japan. Pride has been watching their budget much closer lately. They can't afford to outbid Zuffa for Randy just to have him come over and defeat and weaken the drawing capacity of their champion, who is currently a big draw in Japan and is fairly young. I am saying Randy will own Silva and Pride officials know this. The scenario is not smart from a business standpoint and Pride would not make this mistake.