who gives the best mma seminar??

I am curious as to who gives the best seminar? Please let me know who you have seen and your thoughts.

Chris Brennan has come to our school twice and was great.

Brennan would be a wise choice

I've been to a Henderson seminar. Awesome stuff.

 ERik Paulson is VERY good

I went to a Kenny Florian seminar several years back, and I still use several of the techniques to this day. Especially a cool crucifix transition from side control. He is an excellent instructor. Thanks Kenny.



 Heard good things about Pat Miletich.

 frank shamrock

Shamrock has a good rep...

Pat Miletich gave a great seminar at Brad Daddis' NJ location - he worked us.

 Jeremy Horn is on the list.

GSP's are pretty good. I went to a team quest but all they really covered the whole time was wrestling basics just shooting doubles and singles and learning a sprawl. so it was kind of a waste since I've been wrestling a long time

Just attended Chris Brennan......really good! 4 hours + really good stuff!!!