Who gives the BEST seminars?

Hey guys and girls, it has been a while since our gym has hosted a seminar. We have been fortunate that all the guys that have come over have been great. So far, off of the top of my head, some of the guys we have had were Tito Ortiz, Oleg Taktarov, and Baret Yoshida.

I have attended a few seminars outside of my own gym from some well known fighters though that have been pretty bad - so please don't just list your favorite fighters, list me the guys who are not only good but can teach a good seminar.

Does Miguel Torres do seminars? I've been trying to reach him via his website for a while but I haven't had any luck getting a response.

Which reminds me, if you happen to mention someone and actually have their contact info, please either post it up or email it to me at info@FFAgyms.com .

Also, I would prefer MMA seminars but am definitely open to grappling or kickboxing seminars as well.

Thanks a lot for the help guys!



Cobrinha was awesome, Gokor was awesome, Paulson was awesome, Matt Thornton was awesome, Eddie Bravo was awesome.

Only ones i can think of at 2am lol

 Demian Maiii

 im obviously a bit bias as he is my coach, but Demian Maia gives great seminars.  ask around and you'll hear nothing but good things.

let me know if you are interested and need help getting things together.

Mark Turner

Demian Maia Jiu Jitsu.

I've heard Ryan Hall is good. I'd like to learn some of his stuff, it's unique.

Din Thomas

 me, of course..


Jon Fitch

Many people were ranting and raving over the Ninja/Shogun seminars that were going on a couple of years ago.

Eduardo (fruhzs) has been posting recently as well.

TTT for Marcos

Shogun was really good.

Seminars I have personally enjoyed and got a lot out of were Rey Diogo and Luiz Claudio.

Matt Lindland did the best seminar I went to.

This was for a couple reasons

1- He works you hard, not just showing moves he, treats the seminar like a training session I was gased from the two hand pummeling sequence he used as a warm up.

2 - Very hands on, he there to teach not just collect a pay check, he wants you to learn something.

3 - He just doesn't show BJJ moves. Nothing wrong with that but after I went to a BJ Penn seminar I realized there was nothing he was really showing me (as a beginner) that I wasn't learning in class.

Lindlands focus and use of wrestling, how he sets it up with strikes and angles and controls people with it is top notch and much harder to find than good BJJ instruction.

Roy Harris puts on a great seminar.

I vote Erik Paulson.

 my favorite was Dave Camarillo.

Walter "Sleeper" Michalowski. No better MT seminar.

Ken-Flo was really good, but not sure of his availability these days for obvious reasons.



i have been to too many seminars but the ones that stand out: Dan Inosanto will blow your mind on the knowledge he has. it is crazy the shit he knows. not for everyone though. some stuff will go right over your head.

bravo is very detailed very good.

Paulson is another guy that will blow you away with the amount of info he has.

worst seminar: Bas. i like the guy but bad teaching skills.