Who goes to university of phoenix?

im on the flexnet program BSB/IS.

just curious who else on here is also enrolled


UoP does not have a great rep. I find alot of people look at it as a "buy your degree" school. It is way over priced for the return you get....and don't plan on getting your Masters there.

Just to touch base on the UoP.

  1. IS an accredited school. Just like NYU, Harvard, USC, wherever.

  2. No they are not well known, but they are still a fairly new University.

  3. It is not a "buy your degree" school. They have admission standards just like any other University. Any of the classes taken at the UoP can be taken in by any accredited University (NYU, Harvard, USC).

  4. You need the same number of credits at UoP to graduate as you would any other University (120).

  5. Its the #1 ranked private Univ. in the U.S. in terms of student size. Second is Harvard I believe.

  6. Yes I was a student there, and landed a great job that pays great right after receiving my degree.

  7. View it the way you want, but facts are facts. A buddy of mine just got into the UF MBA program with his Bachelors from UoP.

Will have to get back to you on that. But basically it is a crash course (6 weeks), 1 class per 6 weeks, and lasts a year (30+ credits).

When I interned at the local vo-tech, this was one of the places I used to refer people with associates degrees to finish their bachelors. They are pretty good about letting you transfer credits from other schools.

I think that the biggest thing is that people look at it as an unaccredited school.

I attended a few graduate level classes at U of P and it was the biggest waste of time. They repeatedly messed up my financial aid and my registration paperwork to the point where I was spending more time straightening it out than I was in class.

The quality of instruction is VERY low in comparison to other private institutions and state schools I have attended. I believe part of it has to do with the time constraints, the "learning teams" method that they use, and the "take all comers" enrollment policy.

When I was doing hiring I would put people with U of P degrees on the back burner to individuals with degrees from other institutions.


We have a very flaky Dir who earned his MBA through UoP. His writing skills are below that of an 8th garder in my opinion, as is evidenced by his contant memos in our department. I wonder how he got through his MBA program with such bad writing skills?

He probably paid all his fees on time..thats how he got his degree.

I hate 1 month classes. I don't like cramming college algebra in 4 weeks.

I had a friend who "went" there and was penalized because a few people in her "group" didn't do thier work. When she transfed out of there to a normal college, they wouldn't take her credits from the UofP and this was for classes that went towards a Masters.

I took some classes at UofP. Its the same as any school, some teachers are good and some are looking for a part time job. Its an accredited college, so it looks like the same as any state or private school, of course its not gonna measure up to an Ivy league school. They were one of the first schools to go for a large scale marketing with the adult learning/accelerated courses. So thats why in alot of people's minds it seems like its a "buy my degree" program, cause it reminded them of crash course type things, but thats not how it is. I transferred some credits in and out and didnt have any problems.
Its alot of work. One night a week, 4 hours, then usually meeting with a team, so having a team and individual project.
I'm doing the adult learning deal at Regis now and its almost the same thing. I actually just got done with College Algebra there in an 8 week course and it ruff, just boring and dry and alot to cram in for those 8 weeks.

"they wouldn't take her credits from the UofP and this was for classes that went towards a Masters"

as a Graduate School Admissions Advisor (and not for UoP), LOTS of Master's programs do not accept much in the way of transfer credit...no matter WHERE you took the courses. I'm more familiar with MBA programs than anything else, and we have a lenient transfer credit policy of 9 semester credit hours. Several of the other MBA programs in my state won't take ANY. 0 to 3 courses of transfer credit into a graduate/Master's program is pretty normal.

"who goes to U of P"?
Apparently not enough people any more. Apollo Group just reported that attendence is at an all time low, thier deficit is extremely high and they need to reinvent themselves.


I received a job offer from them...

...on a glossy bulk rate mass mailer card.

& while it's true that I was employed by a university at the time, it was as a student staffer; I didn't even have a degree at the time.

All of which tells me everything I need to know about it.

Trying attending ITT; you want to talk about expensive. I would love to hear you thoughts on ITT.