Who had KO of the Night?

King Mo or Cormier? Phone Post

Cormier for sure. Feijao's was pretty awesome, too.

Feijao. Phone Post


I didn't see the prelims :( Phone Post


ttt Phone Post

mrco74 - Cormier
King Mo

in that order

mein above mo imo Phone Post

Just saw the Mein and Feijao KOs and I might give to Feijao

Giffs!!! Phone Post

Gifs please! Phone Post

I don't get why SF doesn't give out bonuses under Zuffa already? Definitely bonus worthy performances last night. KO of the night is debatable i guess, but SOTN def goes to Pat Healy and FOTN goes to Jacare/Rockhold. Phone Post

Cormier by far. MEIN next because that kid was fucking awesome against a grown ass man. Santos just folded under those shots. Feijao next. Then Mo. Phone Post

I'd have to say Cormier