Who has a tuned and modified vehicle?

I have a 16 bMW M6 with Dinan tune, exhaust and airflow system. Never Dyno’d but supposed to be 693hp and 650ish tq if I remember right. It is significantly faster than when stock.

I have a 19 ram 2500 diesel I am thinking of getting a tune for that promises all kinds of great hp, tq and mpg increases. Can’t remember the brand but it’s only like $800. Anyone have an opinion?

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I have no qualified opinion, but was blown away by the stuff that Renntech did. I’d go for it, especially if you get the handheld tuning module so you can revert back to stock if you don’t like it or if it sucks.

That’s super clean, and fast!

I’m coming back down to LA this summer to get the Stage 2 upgrade they just released for the E63. It brings it to 1,107 hp with 100 octane, which I can get about 10 miles from my place in the Bay Area. No, I have no idea why I need this. :wink:

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I’m out here trying not to grenade my drivetrain again at like 400 to the wheels and you savages are pushing 1,000 ready to dominate the world. lol

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Reply to tiny Tim. No idea how to quote ur post lol.

Is that AWD? Hard to really use that much power in normal driving. Every car I have been in like that is like driving on ice when flooring it under 100mph. Wheels just spin like crazy.

It’s 1,017 hp, not 1,107. But still.

Yes, it’s AWD.

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In drift mode, wheels spin like crazy.

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Glad to see my dad is still a Smartass at 75

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Not my 1st 2nd or 3rd choice but they could arrive in 3 days . Hardly any Small block Chevrolet cylinder heads in stock anywhere and with all the EPA stuff I figured I would just buy what I could . Edelbrock E streets ,

185cc runners with 64cc combustion chambers .


My car at the car show, drove it 50 miles to show.


I’ve been so lazy that I haven’t even loaded the rev for a tune in two weeks. I know it is a safe tune but no doubt all of my mechanical failures play into it.