Who has a tuned and modified vehicle?

yep. when a car is bone stock and at the same time running cleaner than the day it left the factory you know fuckery is afoot.

i’m saying that certain cars that would have had and still currently have issues in CA (1980s porches/ferraris/etc, early 90s exotics) won’t have those same issues in NV.

Does Cali do the sniffer test? Or just obd readiness?

The last time I went for smog I was worried my non stock downpipe would be a problem. I knew in advance I’d pass readiness, even with the turbo and tune that generates 2x stock power.

I just asked the guy when I pulled up. Told him straight up my pipe isn’t stock but all my systems will pass. He said “as long as my computer says you’re OK, we don’t care. We can’t know what every exhaust on every car is supposed to look like”.

I am prepared to swap my stock pipe once a year, I can do it in 40 minutes. Just happy I don’t have to.

Ah, see? I knew it. Bro! It’s totally the wg voltage bro!!

Yeah, you put me on the path of exploring the wastegate. I hadnt thought to check cause it was passing the actuation test. Got it sorted and now the car runs phenomenally. The rest can be handled in the tune. The car finally feels like a solid foundation to build on. I’m amazed this car even ran with how many things were just completely wrong with it.

Maybe sometime you, me and my other local internet friend with the bagged 475hp gti can get together. No homo?

My car still needs to be tuned but in down. :blue_car::dash:

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Went to go buy a car today and it sold prior to getting there. I had checked availability the day before and they wouldn’t hold it, even with a deposit. Sold an hour prior to me getting there. 2016 Infiniti Q70L 5.6, exactly what I wanted. The search continues.

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I’ve had that happen to me. Talk about frustrating…

I really want one them. I would only slightly modify it because it has decent power stock but it has the rear legroom of a full size luxury sedan.

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Please don’t modify it. Just leave it be.

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Nah, I will do something to it. lol

I wouldn’t need to do much, certainly better tires. There is a really good exhaust for these from Stilen that sounds great.

I am also looking at an XTS Vsport Platinum. Those are 469 HP stock so, I may also not do much. Suspension, wheels, and tire upgrades would help out a car like this.

NA V8 is pretty great though. I am still looking at several options but leaning towards an Infiniti with a 5.6L V8 because of instant torque.

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Finally got this thing registered!


Hadn’t driven it in 4 months . But tonight is perfect